Dwarf Gourami Dieing

  1. DRock914 Member Member

    I recently had a dwarf gourami die so I bought another one on Friday and he seems to be on his way out today. He spent most of the day so far in a vertical position on the bottom of the tank and is now on the bottom of the tank upside but still breathing. My water parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5, temperature 76, and pH 6.6. I did not witness any bullying in the tank. As far as my research goes these parameters should work with DGs. Does anyone have better knowledge with DGs and can tell me why they are not lasting?
  2. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    your water sounds good, what are you feeding your fish? when he was in the vertical position, was his head up or down? has he been going to the top for air alot? It sort of sounds like a swimbladder problem since he is on the bottom, try feeding him nothing but peas( not alot, just one a day0
  3. DRock914 Member Member

    I feed them tetra flakes, cichlid crumbles, and shrimp pellets every day. His head was up when he was in the vertical position. He wasn't going to the top for air a lot. He was very active until this morning when I woke up and saw him in that position. The last gourami would spend a couple hours his last 2 days staying at the top though.
  4. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    Do you soak your flakes and others before adding them to the tank?
  5. DRock914 Member Member

    I don't soak anything before adding it. The shrimp pellets sink to the bottom and the cichlid crumbles slowly sink
  6. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    I had 2 Dwarf Gourami's. Both passed rather quickly. Unfortunatly, everything I've read points to weakness of the species in the aquarium trade. Do some research on DG disease, see if the symptom are familiar.
    This is one type of fish I won't buy again.
    I hope yours recovers they're beautiful fish.
  7. Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    well that might be part of the problem, a fish will see the food and eat it until the fish is full. once the food sits in the fish's stomach for a while the food will start to expand because it will absorb some of the water. this can cause pressure on a fish's swimbladder causing the swimbladder to recive wrong information and respond wrong causing your fish to tilt.
  8. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    +1. I won't buy them either. It's a shame they don't last, they are beautiful fish.
  9. DRock914 Member Member

    His stomach does look bloated. It is a shame they don't last because they are a perfect tank mate for my Rams and they would even school together. How would you suggest I feed the gourami then? Once the food hits the water doesn't it get soaked anyway?
  10. harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    You could try blanching a pea in the microwave and squeezing it out of the skin. If you can get your gourami to eat it, it could help if the fish is constipated.
  11. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I dont think its how you are feeding him/her...the diet sounds fine..even with flakes...unless you are only feeding flakes, which you are not, the boating could be from him getting more sick ...the pea method should help if its bloat and otherwise, im sending a ton of good fishy vibes!
  12. DRock914 Member Member

    Thanks everyone for your help. I don't have any peas so we'll see how he pulls through.
  13. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    You can feed freeze dried daphnia if you don't have peas.
  14. DRock914 Member Member

    I just remembered that on Friday I was talking with my LFS about what to feed my Rams because they never go for food and they gave me a sample of frozen blood worms to try. I remember seeing the DG eat some. Could that have upset him? Lucy I don't have freeze dried daphia only free dried blood worms .
  15. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    my dg's eat bloodworms...i dont think thats it...I use bloodworms in all my fish babies diets..
  16. DRock914 Member Member

    It appears that he is starting to turn around now. He has been hopping around the tank and he surfaced once but in mid swim started floating back down like a falling leaf. Does that sound like swim bladder disease?
  17. kwesdog Member Member

    I have had nothing but problems with male dwarf gouramis. I don't think I have ever had a male last more than 3-4 months while the females and other fish are fine. I have 6 females and one male left out of 7 total males I bought over the past year (they are not all in the same tank). I have tried a little bit higher PH and a little bit lower PH with no effect. I have tried letting the nitrates go a little bit higher (in my planted) and I have tried them with keeping the nitrates very low. Nothing works. I am thinking these fish have an underlying issue in the trade as said before because none of my other fish die.

    Best of luck to you with them but I am with the others and I am done with DG's for the time being.
  18. DRock914 Member Member

    Thanks for the info. I have completely given up on them. I only had 2 but I don't have any faith in them staying alive. My LFS even offered me a free one because the one I had died but I turned it down and went towards small schooling fish.
  19. kwesdog Member Member

    I made a very funny observation after I posted on this the other day. I havent had any luck with these silly DG's but I noticed there was a common trait with the fish I had that died.

    First lemme say that I have 2 tanks with DG in them. One of them is an understocked planted 55 that basicly has cories, kuhli loaches, DG's and a pleco in it.

    The other is an overstocked 14 with DG's, cories, platies and amano shrimp in it.

    The 55 is where the DG's always die and I wondered why because I keep the water parameters identical in both tanks. With that the DG's are the only fish in the 55 that die.

    I have never had a DG death in the overstocked 14.

    The main difference between the tanks is that with the 14 gallon the fish get their periods of fasting because I don't want any spawning going on in that tank and the 55 gets normal feeding except when I want the cories to spawn then I up the live and frozen food and do alot of water changes.

    Anyways I noticed that the fish in the 55 get that bloated look to them over time but the fish in the 14 have never been like that.

    Now what I am thinking is that its not so much of a general over feeding problem but rather a digestive issue that doesnt manifest itself when the fish fast on a regular basis. Fasting a bloated fish had no effects on the fish that had bloated.

    Basically what I think is that if you have a tank with fake plants and DG's only and fed them every other day I bet they would live longer but this might not be true as its just a thought I had from my observations.

    I think this is still an issue with the current trade stock of DG's and why so many die. Story always seems the same.

    Bloated DG
    Lathargic DG
    DG hanging out at the top of tank
    Dead DG
    End of story