Dwarf Gourami compatibility

  1. soccermatt Member Member


    I am currently cycling my tank without fish. Once it is around finished i was hoping to put in about 5 cherry barbs. Eventually i would also like to put in about 3 platies, and then eventually a dwarf gourami. I am not sure how compatible the DG would be with the others.
  2. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    depends on the size of the tank...sounds like a great combo but not in a 12g ..do you have other tanks?
  3. soccermatt Member Member

    no but i did install a 20 gallon filter and am willing more maitnence.
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    its not the maintenance as much as the aggression...gouramis are territorial and wouldnt be happy with the others in that size tank :(
  5. soccermatt Member Member

    thanks for the advice, do you know of any other good fish that are happy to be alone, without others of their same kind, that would be kind of like a small 3-4 inch 'centerpeice fish' eventually.
  6. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    hmm in that size tank its kinda tough ..how about maybe some pygmy cories for the bottom?
  7. soccermatt Member Member

    i heard dwarf pleco's like clown pleco's usually stay under 4 inches. Would they work?
  8. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    although small plecs dont take up the space, all plecs are too messy for that size tank :( even with extra maintenance, you would be doing 2-4 water changes a week in a 12g with a plec...poor guy everything you want isnt working is it ..im sorry !
  9. DRock914 Member Member

    I've seen some nice rainbow fish at my LFS that they called dwarf rainbows but I am not sure of the real names. They only grow to about 2 - 2 1/2". You can try looking those up.
  10. soccermatt Member Member

  11. soccermatt Member Member

    would cherry barbs nip at fancy guppy fins (even if the cherry barbs are in a school of 5)?
  12. chrisfont23 Initiate Member

    I had barbs with a few mollies and platys for a day before I returned them to the LFS. They chased and nipped at these fish w/o mercy.
  13. Stone220 Initiate Member

    Possibly but I wouldn't risk it. All Barbs are notorious fin nippers, I think the tail fins of the Guppy would be too much of a temptation to them.
  14. rottie98 Member Member

    I wouldnt put barbs with the DG , I actually today took 2 of my barbs to LFS he kept nipping at the tails of my DG and my pleco which is about 20x bigger then him and i lost a couple other fish in the past cause of the tail nipping.
  15. david276 Initiate Member

    When i was a kid with my ten g im using now i had some barbs but they were biting the heck out my betta, poor guy ended up dying. .. so i put them in my grandpas 200 gal chiclid tank thinking they needed to be with more aggressive fish...needless to the say the oscars made short work of them. and i witnessed a jack dempsy eat one like literally 5 minutes after i put them in.. he saw it accelerated and boom. that was it.

    Ever since then this year i really didnt want the barbs they seems like annoying mean fish . Ive seen amano tanks with them in large schools and they look cool though.

    Maybe just get one dg and see . try really hard to find a female i got owned by an lfs this week i was supposed to be getting a dwarf female and a dwarf male for my ten g to go with a few otos... and turns out i got a (still think female but its mean ,dorsal is rounded) female full grown dg and a male threespot!!

    Female sort of chases him off now but i worry that in a few months she is done for! And its past my due date for returning them... Hopefully he can hold off until i get a larger tank for . discus tank later in the summer.
  16. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    If you're still looking, look into the Praecox Rainbow (dwarf neon rainbow). They are beautiful fish. When the light hits them right, their scales take on a brilliant blue hue.