Dwarf Frog

  1. Princethepurplebetta

    Princethepurplebetta Valued Member Member

    Hey guys, i have an african drawf frog named Sushi. Hes in a 5g heated tank. I was wonder what the best food would be for him and what their lifespan is. So far he just gets freeze dried blood worms and omega one flakes (Hes 8 years old, almost 9).
  2. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Whatever you are feeding is good (since he lived to 8 years eating them I'm assuming), but frozen blood worms would be better. Online resources say they can live 5 years, but there has been some people saying that their's lived for more than 10 years.
  3. OP

    Princethepurplebetta Valued Member Member

    Ok thanks, ill try frozen for him also! And oh wow, i hope he lives until 10!
  4. BioBro2008

    BioBro2008 New Member Member

    If they don't have a variety of food sources I heard they can get bloated. Mine used to love flakes, bloodworms, and I swear the guy poked around my Cory tablets