Dwarf Crayfish Sexing

  1. Brittni808

    Brittni808 Valued Member Member

    Can anyone tell me if this is for sure a male? I contacted the seller and he wasn't able to confidently tell me if it was a male or female. I would like to buy another of the opposite sex so I can breed them. I have a 12 gallon fluval edge with lots of plants and rocks. Do you think this will be suitable for breeding dwarf crayfish and keeping the babies?

    Thank you!!

    30513ef89863ec37d596e62eb862d993.jpg 78f4bea4cf9086af3201e33cc6b681db.jpg
  2. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Looks like a male to me!
  3. iancrayguy

    iancrayguy Valued Member Member