dwarf cichlids? 29 Gallon Tank

  1. JennDFK

    JennDFK Valued Member Member

    We put a pair of blue rams in our 29 gallon hex a couple of months ago. The female looked pretty tentative since the trip home. She only made it a couple of days. The male looked better and seemed to be content. He made a little nest in the rocks under the driftwood, ate well, and had beautiful coloring (yesterday). And now he is dead. The nitrates in this tank tend to creep up a little to about 30 from time to time. It is filtered, planted, and we do water changes. Still, the nitrates creep. I have read that rams are sensitive to nitrate. Are there any other dwarf cichlids or similar fish that might be a little hardier? (The platies, otto, and killi look great).
  2. k

    kacie Valued Member Member

    Try Bolivian rams
  3. btate617

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    Bolivians (Mikrogeophagus Altispinosus) like Kacie said would be good. They are a lot more hardy than the blues.

    One thing to be careful with with a hex tank is you do not have much of a foot print. Meaning the bottom of the tank has very limited room.

    So just pick carefully as you will have problems with many cichlids in a hex tank because of the foot print. But there are some that will work.

  4. bolivianbaby

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    I have two bolivian rams. They're wonderful, hardy little fish with lots of personality. If you get them young, you can watch them grow and transform into beautiful fish. They don't start showing full color until 18 months.
  5. OP

    JennDFK Valued Member Member

    Thanks. I love the hex tank. It has a beautiful presentation. But the problem is that it is very tall, with a small floor. That's why I am interested in smaller fish, like the dwarf cichlids. The platies live mostly in the middle and the killifish lives at the top. I think that there is some room (and cool hiding spots) for a lower living fish that does not need too much space. I think that the blue rams were not too big.... I just think they might have been too sensitive to nitrates for the fluctuations that we see in that tank. I will read more about the Bolivians. Thanks!
  6. btate617

    btate617 Well Known Member Member

    These may work for you.

    Laetacara Curviceps
    Laetacara Dorsigera