Dwarf Cichlid

HI I am thinking of buying some Microgeophagus ramirezi, Dwarf Cichlid or another name is the blue ram.I was thinking maybe 1 male to 2 females or just 2 females to go in my community tank .Ive been doing some research and found that some sites say that they like lots of caves and hidding places with Denice plants , and some sites say that where they are open water spawner's all they need is some flat stone and drift wood and plants .I have caves and hidding places that my clown loaches and pleco use,and call there home,so will I have to make more hidding places for them, any help would be great especially if some body has some or had some cheers boff
hi! I have never seen these - they are gorgeous! The only thing I've heard about cichlids in general is that they like places to hide, and are semiaggressive to aggressive.... but boy are they pretty! Someone here probably has had these before... I heard you have rainbows? I just got one and would like your thoughts on my post if you will..thanks, boff

Denise (hopesmom)

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