Dwarf Baby Tears

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by reptilepaul93, Apr 10, 2018.

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    Hi, is it possible to grow dwarf baby tears WITHOUT co2 but instead using some sort of fertilizer? I also have glossostigma so the same would apply to that as well no c02 but instead fertilizer
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    2.8 watts per gallon
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    Watts per gallon means nothing.

    What kind of light? CFL, LED, incandescent? What's the temperature of the light? What aquarium? PH? Substrate?

    Most importantly, what are your PAR and current water Co2 saturation?

    Without ALL of that information, especially the PAR where you intend to grow, we can't even speculate.

    I will say this, however; I grow DBTs - I have a PAR of 110 where they're at, and I inject C02; never been able to grow it otherwise.
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    A lot of people have tried, and most have failed and the few that have swear by being successful, often contain very little information or pictures about it.

    In the past, I did try it out. They did grow and spread, but my HC cuba eventually ran into problems with algae issues and died shortly after. Id like to try again, and see if I have similar success.

    In saying that, even DIY CO2 does help your success in growing this plant.
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    I have no water in the tank just yet, I've been growing both the glossostigma, and dwarf baby tears emerged. The specs for my lighting:

    • Lumen: 2000 initial
    • Wattage: 2x 18W
    • Config: 10000K / Actinic 460nm
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    Err wait, I posted the wrong specs.

    • Lumen: 4000 initial
    • Wattage: 2x 24W
    • Config: 2x 6500K
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    I would say no. People who do it without CO2 dry start them under relatively high light in shallow tanks with a aquarium soil substrate.
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    Yeah, I did just that, and I'm almost ready to place water in. The whole bottom of the tank is covered in complete glossostigma, and dwarf baby tears. I did it without water on Eco-Complete substrate. I've been doing some flooding ofthe tank just to test the roots out of the plants. I put about an inch of water just above the plants and pieces of drift wood in the tank; Just to see where my roots are as far as strength goes.

    The only question is: Will these plants survive with full water, and just seachem plant fertilizer(the c02 replacement stuff.)
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    I see, maybe. Eco complete isn’t as nutrient rich as soils, so a complete water column fertilizer along with the liquid carbon would be a good idea.
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    Can you do me a big favor! And provide a URL link to both products?

    Thanks <33
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    The NicolG is considered water table fert?
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    Yes! Or water column