Dwarf African Frog With Fungal Growth On Foot?

Discussion in 'More Freshwater Aquarium Topics' started by mifdog, May 17, 2018.

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    Hello all, I have a couple DAF treatment questions that I'm hoping for some help with. I have a cycled 10 gallon. About 2 weeks ago, I added 3 dwarf African frogs. 1 died 2 days later, cause unknown. I started spot feeding afterwards, assuming starvation. My 2 remaining frogs developed white fuzz on one of their feet each. Both frogs hid and refused to come out for a few days. After, 1 frog remained mostly in hiding and the other started behaving more normal. The more normal frog is currently very active, has a healthy appetite, and seems white-fuzz free at present. The other still mostly hides, refuses thawed bloodworms, and has a lot of white fuzz on it's foot. I swabbed them both with hydrogen peroxide, but stopped after a couple applications due to the stress it was causing. I'm not sure how to proceed; the healing frog had the fuzz first, I think, and started hiding first as well. The 2nd frog is worse off than the 1st one ever was, though. Thanks for reading. Pic:  
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    Important - Chytrid Fungus in ADF's and ACF's

    I am not saying that you are contending with chytrid, although that is a common and deadly problem in ADF in the aquarium trade.

    However, given its prevalence , it is always good to treat as if new frogs are carrying spores.

    I would immediately get a can of Lamisil antifungal spray, available at any pharmacy or grocery foot care aisle, and treat both frogs using the hyperlinked procedure.

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