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    Warning I don't keep track of names well.

    Plant List
    -Bacopa Carolina
    -Anubias Nana
    -Ludwigia Rubin
    -Ludwigia Repens
    -Vallisneria Italia
    -Java Moss
    -Cryptocorne balance
    -Ludwigia Arcuata
    -Brazilian Pennywort
    -Clover (forgot scientific)
    -Hydrocotle Japan

    Equipment setup
    -1 HOB filter (Tetra Whisper PF10)
    -Built in overflow
    -1 Aqueon Preset Heater 50W (75 degrees)

    -None icon_wink.gif though going pressurized with GLA advanced soon.

    NilocG DIY EI dry fertilizers.

    Tank Maintenance
    I do 50% water changes every week, siphon up gunk on the filter intake. Scrub algae if any!

    Current Tank situation For the Fluval Spec V
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    Beautiful! Love the green!
  3. SprogladiteValued MemberMember

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    inert sand yes. Same as my grow out iwagumi tank, may post that on here idk :)
    If I had to go back to choosing a substrate, I would choose either sand or ADA aquasoil Amazonia. between the two believe it or not its pretty difficult to choose one or the other. Both with my dosing regime have great results.
  5. SprogladiteValued MemberMember

    Thanks, it looks great! What is the plant? I have a fluval tank also (though not a fluval V) with sand and have been toying with the idea of attempting some kind of carpeting plant...I think this has made my mind up lol :)
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    The carpeting plant is Hemianthus micranthemoides
    Here is a link you can look it in some more.  
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    Perfect thank you! :)
  8. DutchMutchNew MemberMember

    no problem ;)

    CPD fry
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