10 Gallon Tank During Cycling no nitrite presence by ammonia back to zero


Hi friends,

I am in middle of cycling a small tank for betta fish. It's been two weeks I have started the cycling process. I add ammonia every day to constantly keep 4ppm. From the past four days, when I test water parameters after 24 hours, ammonia go back to 0.25ppm, nitrite is 0ppm, nitrate less than 5 ppm. This happening same for the past four days. Even though I have added ammonia to 4ppm daily, next day it will go to 0.25 ppm. But I could not find nitrite presence.

I am using API freshwater test kit....

Is there any problem in this? Or my tank cycled?

Please help.



If you have been cycling a tank for two weeks, you are not in the middle of the cycle, you are still in the early stages. When doing a fishless cycle using ammonia, the process will often take 6-8 weeks.

Having nitrates this early in the cycle is unusual. Have you tested your tap water for nitrates. Depending upon where you live, you might well have nitrates in your water. Also, because of the way the nitrate test functions, you might be seeing nitrites rather than nitrates.

I would suggest you cut back slightly on your ammonia addition. Target about 2 ppm. It is a good sign that your ammonia is dropping overnight, but you are only two weeks into the cycle. Be patient; it will get there, but it will take several weeks longer.

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