Duration Of Light For Tank With Two Led Fixtures


I have been using a Finnex 24/7 SE fixture with the 24/7 program running over a 50-gallon CO2 Injected tank (4 foot). It hasn't been enough light to let some more difficult plants to thrive, such as Monte Carlo carpeting plant and reddish stem plants. So to get high light I've added a second fixture that will be arriving tomorrow, it is a Beamswork DA 6500K.

I am interested in opinions about how long I should run this second light; a full 8-10 hours or only something like 4 hours. I like the 24/7 cycle but should I decrease the duration on the Finnex light as well. Obviously, I want the best growth for plants and the least growth for algae. I use an EI dosing regiment for dry ferts. In addition to the Monte Carlo, I want to be able to grow dark red ludwigia, ludwigia peruensis, ludwigia repens, rotala macrandra, scarlet temple, willow hygro, and some misc crypts.

jacob thompson

I have a fluval 3.0 planted and a finnex Ray 2 on my high tech tank and I run it for 10 hours. I use more CO2 and ferts but see very good growth and little algae. But you could cut it down to 6-8 hours. Lighting planted tanks is more about intensity of the light versus duration. Short high intensity is better than long low intensity for the type of plants I assume you’re growing.
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