Dumb move on my part.

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    So, I recently added some new cichlids to my 55 gallon tank. I moved around the decorations so my existing fish wouldn't be to aggressive. I thought my main ornament would look cool on its side and didn't realize it had a hole in the bottom. A few days later, I noticed that my young convict cichlid pair had been in their a lot together. So, today, about a week later, I noticed that the convicts hadn't been paying much attention to that area (or so I thought), so I decided to flip the ornament back over. When I did, a cloud of fry came out, all still with yolk sacs and not really able to swim. The parents started going nuts so I left it on its side. I mean, I don't really have room for tons of babies but im sure all that came out were eaten and I feel really bad. So here are my questions.
    1) is there a chance that any babies could still be in the ornament, and alive despite me flipping it.

    2) are the parents going to reject their fry now?

    3) if their isn't any left, how long will it be before they ay eggs again. (I feel like they deserve the chance to raise at least 1 batch of their own fry.)
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    The parent fish may have gathered most of their babies and put them back into the ornament. I would wait a few more days and keep an eye on them. They will likely guard the area from other fish, but may not go in there too much. As the babies grow, mom and dad will try to protect them for a while. If mom and dad have rejected them, then they will be lost.. but usually the parenting drive is strong enough that they will just herd them back into the safe space.

    If there aren't any left, the parents will decide when they are ready to mate again. It may be nearly right away or it may be a while, it depends on your water conditions and the condition of your fish.

    Good luck with your surprise fry!!
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    So cool. I was hoping my convicts were mating but its a long story. Lol. I cant wait till i get enough experience to maybe breed a pair. As for now i got 4 female and when i decide to toss in a male 3 females will be going out either to a new tank or back to the store. I hate the idea of returning or selling them as they are all big beauty's and have amazing colour. So maybe i will start a 2nd tank just for breeding!

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