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    I have a 55 gallon tank that I am making a background for out of extruded foam and I have read a lot of other posts where they recommend making the background smaller by an inch around to accommodate the cement, however I am using Drylok and painting about 4 layers directly on top of the foam and was wondering if this would apply to my background as well?
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    I am not using quickcrete, but drylok exclusively-so this link did not help me answer my question. Also I am adding this to an established tank, not an empty one, so I really have to get the measurements correct.

    Does anyone have a recommendation as to how much space I should be leaving to accommodate buildup of drylok on the styrofoam?

    My tank is 48"L by 21"H should I take off 1/2" all around the styrofoam background for the Drylok? I was going for about 3 solid layers with a final layer for detail color.