Drum Roll... Finally Done With Before And After Pictures!

  1. ajgravedigger13 Member Member

    I finally had time to do my aquascape... Or maybe it would be better described as a hardscape either way I'm in love with it! Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way! a654b69997abcf0e8b14a78c53860233.jpg 33a3255650619628fcb3ae16b36e08e4.jpg 20170715_105908.jpg 20170715_105941.jpg 2dea0dc190b396e3194e6db87bfa4b9b.jpg 718e4a96629a0b5cd51747585e86faac.jpg 569cda56f3951407a8d0b81a5d9babe6.jpg
  2. Pastel.Fish. Member Member

    It`s amazing! :D
  3. ajgravedigger13 Member Member

    Thanks :)
  4. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    The before and after are dramatically different ( in the best possible way!) Is that dragonstone? Really nice job!
  5. ajgravedigger13 Member Member

    Yes it is thanks for noticing!
  6. Dtown7 Initiate Member

    Looks absolutely wonderful! Job well done
  7. ajgravedigger13 Member Member

    Thank you