1. Rockyco

    Rockyco Valued Member Member

    I've been away on business for two weeks. Put my light on a timer. And got a couple medicine organizers to sort out the right amount of food and treat rations.
    I came back to a sad tank.
    My black Molly has Dropsy. A pretty bad case, so I went and got some Tetra Fungus Guard. Unfortunately I don't have another tank to quarantine him in. So I treated the whole tank.
    He seems to be the only one infected.
    I lowered the water level and took out the filter cartridge. Hopefully the heavier water flow will help.

    Any tips or tricks?

    Unfortunately I leave again on Sunday for another two weeks. I miss my fish! And I'm afraid I'll come back to a worse situation.
  2. C

    CLam Valued Member Member


    I'm very sorry for you and your fish. Dropsy tends not to ever go away (if it really is dropsy. Are you entirely sure?) I think your fish's best bet now is just good water and good food. Maybe medicated food, but if you already dosed the tank...
  3. Rivieraneo

    Rivieraneo Fishlore VIP Member

    Hi Rockyco, sorry about your fish :(

    Dropsy is a secondary effect of an underlying issue and usually occurs when there has been organ failure and fish start retaining fluid. If caught early, in some cases, fish may recover, though understand that most antibiotics cause additional stress on kidneys and organs. So the treatment can be counterproductive as it will treat the underlying issue, though cause additional organ stress.

    Are you noticing any other symptoms or issues? Also, what are your water parameters.
  4. OP

    Rockyco Valued Member Member

    He was a skinny streamline Molly. Very active and social fish.
    When I got back yesterday, he was barely able to get off the ground. Very bloated, all of his scales are puckered out & he has two white spots that I haven't been able to investigate more.