Dropsy or overfed ADF

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    My 3 week old adf (bought from petco) has a big belly. Here's his story: I bought him to liven up the first adf I bought (also from petco). My first adf always hid, never ate, and looked pale. He died last week (I think he was sick when I bought him). I've been feeding my frog frozen blood worms. This is the 4th food I've tried, and this is the only food he'll eat! He scarfs it down. I'm not sure if his big belly is from feeding, a parasite maybe, or dropsy. He acts normal. Swims around. Goes up for air. He's in a 13 gallon tank with an amano shrimp, 2 octo catfish, a few guppies and 2 bolivian rams.

    Ammonia stays between 0 and .25
    Nitrites are at 0
    Nitrates around 20

    The pictures are taken about an hour after he ate. Maybe I'm just overly paranoid after my other frog died unexpectedly.

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    Hi frog, welcome to fishlore!

    I have no experience with frogs, but know someone who does. Hopefully Lucy seems this thread soon. Best of luck.
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    Hello and Welcome to FishLore!

    I am not a frog keeper either. Check out the information in the above links while you wait for more responses.

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    Best wishes for your tank and critters and I hope you enjoy the forum.

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    Welcome to FishLore
    Your cutie frog looks fine to me.

    Their bellies will bulge a bit after eating.
    Yours might be female. They are rounder than males.
    It doesn't hurt for them to skip a meal a week.

    Good luck!