Dropsy Or Just Dropping Fry?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Armypro, Apr 12, 2017.

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    Hello I have a Female Neon Swordtail who last night I noticed her belly was much bigger than normal. Knowing she could have been carrying I didn't do anything about it. I'm hoping to clear it up if its Dropsy or if she is going to drop her fry. I've only had her for about a week and I think she was carrying when I got her.

    The main issue is my Half Banded Spiny Eel passed away from who knows what last night as well. And last night my Female Red Velvet Swordtail (Who isn't carrying) also had a enlarged stomach, it seems to almost gone on her but not on the Neon.
    I will get pictures once she is out, currently she is under my fake driftwood. I've never dealt with a Swordtail who dropped her fry (I had another Red Velvet before but she passed away as well, I don't know to what).

    None of their tankmates interact with them other than at feeding time, where even then they ignore them, but here is their tankmates:
    5 Long Fin Black Skirt Tetras (4 of which may have some disease)
    3 Swordtails (1 Male Red Velvet, 1 Female Red Velvet, and one Female Neon)
    1 Australian Rainbowfish (I will be getting more Thursday, and one more Swordtail)
    1 Bristlenose Pleco
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    Firstly, depending on the swelling, it could be dropsy. There is a difference between a pregnant belly (more squared off) and a swollen abdomen (imagine a giant balloon). If you already know the classic signs of dropsy, check above about the belly. It is also more concerning that you mentioned it swell very noticeably overnight. Pregnancies (like all pregnancies) are gradual in increasing stomach size. Nabbing that photo would be great.

    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. OP

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    It wasn't overnight, I caught it when I was turning the light off. I've never dealt with dropsy before and I don't know anything about it, my Female Red Velvet had a enlarged stomach as well. It could have went away since I fed my Pleco a Algae Disc and the Swordtails tend to nip at it (Read somewhere it does what peas do).
    I'll try and get a picture but she just will not cooperate.
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    Thanks for the clarification.
    Dropsy isn't a disease itself, it is more of the bacteria that is causing it. The bacteria is the contagious portion. Symptoms further include scales sticking out (looks like they're going to pop off) as well as behavior changes, including lethargy and not eating. It can be caused by bad water parameters, stress, or an off-chance kidney problem with the fish

    As for the velvet swordtail (and maybe for the neon hopefully) it could a digestional issue and peas do help with that (like the algae wafers)

    Check your parameters as well, if you can. This can help out as well. (As for the photo, try offering a little food to get her to come out. Tricking 101!)
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  5. OP

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    I don't see any scales sticking out or really anything out of the ordinary. I should try that sometime, she ate last night (I feed them once a day at 8:00pm). The weird thing it was between then and 11:00 (When I turn off the light) that I noticed that.

    I thought the Disease was called "Dropsy", or infection causing it.

    I checked the parameters two days ago and got what I usually get, low everything. And I'm doing a Water Change tonight anyways.
    This is the best picture I could get of her so far, you can slightly see her. I as well may try offering some Peas tonight (I only have Frozen Peas, may as well blanch them as I do for Zuchinni and Squash, I do admit I offer vegetables too little, usually once a month, if so when I get them) as I don't think she nipped at the Algae Disc.
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    this was more poor guy :( My heart hurt when i figured out what in the world was going on. the "pinecone" look is a good indicator of dropsy. their scales will flake off too. good luck with your search for the diagnosis.
    make sure you post water diameters and everything and try to get a better picture or video for other who are more versed in the fish world to see. I have noticed they like to know your exact water numbers and how often you do WC
  7. KinsKicks

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    It's the bacterial infection, not a disease itself. Do try the pea method before deciding to medicate. Remember to take off the pea skin, u really want just the meaty portion of the pea. They probably could use just a diet change/supplement (thankfully and hopefully)
  8. KinsKicks

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    Thank you for the excellent photo, although I am sad about your fish, poor guy . :(
  9. TaDah

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    yea it was sad, I felt so bad. probably first time i cried over a fish.... haha i can say tho, i have had the worst luck with mollies and platies. either their tailfins go limp or the blow up. So i will not have any of those in my tank haha i have also learned my lesson about adding fish from someone elses tank to my tank!
  10. OP

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    Luckily she doesn't look at all like your poor Goldfish, I got a picture but my camera's battery died and I can't find a single battery anywhere around here. I've been medicating the Aquarium for a few months, I'm thinking it could be that. I was using Microbe-Lift Herbtana for about a couple months for my Tetras Fin Rot. Her belly does look kind of balloon-like but then I've never had a Swordtail drop her fry in my Aquarium. Or even get to this stage of labor, I do hope it is just the pregnancy and not some sort of disease, I've had 3 fish die on me and 4 diseased right now, so I must be doing something wrong. I just can't figure out what.

    I'll go rooting around my house for 4 batteries, why I don't have 4 batteries anywhere is a complete mystery.

    Edit: I fed my fish to try and lure my Neon Swordtail out (Didn't work) and since my Female Red Velvet ate some food some of that bloat is back. My Australian Rainbowfish is trying to school with my Female Neon Swordtail because I only have one of them and that may be stressing her out. I also can't tell if my Pleco has that as well, it sort of looked like it but I'll need him to come out for me to be sure.
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    its not a goldfish hahaha it was a platy haha poor guy.

    A sickness took over my take back in November and i couldnt fix it :( I had to take care of all the fish.. it was sad. i did cry. but now my tank is looking magnificent and im doing everything right to the T. my API master test kit will be here today to so can start prepping it for plants then in about 2 months time i can start adding fish. in 2 at a time for sure cause last time i got over excited and im sure the bioload was overwhelming for my new canister filter i had installed.

    Good luck to you friend and i hope you are able to fix the sickness :(
  12. OP

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    Shes doing better, but then she hasn't eaten yesterday so we'll see. The Red Velvet Sword still has it so I don't know what to think, nor what it could be. I stopped dosing meds and put the Carbon back in my Filter, I still don't know whats going on. I did buy another Filter as well which should help. I'm also going to do a thorough cleaning tomorrow which should also help, and may get some floating plants. I don't know what it is so I can't begin to start treating it. My Tetra's Fin Rot is doing lots better which is amazing.

    I'm hoping Clean Water will get rid of it as it is the best cure for any disease in fish as well as a varied diet and a immune system working as it should, which should flush out whatever foreign material (Diseases, ect.) there is.

    That must've sucked, I hate seeing anything wither away, just a gruesome thing to see. I couldn't even tell if he was a Goldfish or a Platy, the measuring cup he was in doesn't really show the scale of his size. My Platy looks quite a bit like him (Sunburst Wag Platy, I assume yours was as well, just got a Golden Mickey Mouse Platy as well).
    Say Hello to Mickey Mouse (On the Left, the right Platy is Sebastion, I think... I can never keep track of their names). You can see a bit of his sheen there which is real nice, hes completely white-yellow in the middle and has a real nice Green sheen that shows whenever he hits the light just right. Like the Pearlscale gene on Angelfish Just... Not on Angelfish, but on a Platy.
    Don't worry, it wasn't up to me naming them. As I also have a Flounder and Ariel in there and I can't tell who is who, I think you can see a bit of Ariel (Hes a Male, hah) there, his name is that, Flounder or Sebastian. Its impossible to keep track, I'll have to ask the member of my family who named em, lol.

    I hope I'll be able to fix whatever is wrong with them as well. For now,
    Happy Easter (If you celebrate it), Have a Nice Weekend/Day!
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