Drogo and Daenery's Spawn Log (Mustard Gas CT)

Discussion in 'Betta Breeding' started by sophi, Jul 9, 2014.

  1. sophi

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    The time has finally come. Dany (Daenery's) and Drogo are ready to meet. Dany seems better from her fungus outbreak, and Drogo... he's been practicing his bubble nest making skills. :) I'm hoping to grab some nice pictures from this spawn experiment and let's hope all goes well.

    Today was the official Day 1. I introduced Dany to Drogo after he had spent the night in the spawning tank by himself. They flirted for about 4 hours before he finally made his way over to his cup to start building his nest.

    First time seeing each other.

    "Uhhh who is this, mother?"

    "I dun like her at all :<"


    So day 1 is interesting. Drogo was a little scared of her since she was acting all tough back at him. He hid for a while haha. He got over himself though and man'd up. I actually just took the female out for a meth. blue bath (to make sure the fungus doesn't return, just in case) and he's flipping out. He left is nest and is searching everywhere for her lol. So she'll go back in over night and he'll hopefully be done with the nest by morning or so. She's been displaying vertical stripes for a while now, even before meeting the male, so I have a feeling this will be a good spawn. More pics to come~
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  3. Coradee

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    Good luck, hope he gets over his nerves & you get a good spawn
  4. OP

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    Hmm, Day 2 is a bit slow. He didn't build his bubble nest like I thought he would overnight, so I'm hoping he finishes it today. He has a few bubbles but it's nothing compared to what he's done before. Every time I peek my head in, he's under the cup working away but not much progress is being made. He'll stay under for a few seconds, swim to her, flare, then swim back.

    He still seems a little freaked out by her so I'm wondering if he's not 100% ready. I know she is. She's been ready for a while now, displaying the vertical marks nearly everyday. If there's no progress tonight, I guess I'll recondition them for another week and try again. I'm curious to see if releasing her will trigger him to make a nest... because when I removed her jar, he stopped tending to the nest completely. Might try that and monitor them to make sure he doesn't try killing her. >_<
  5. OP

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    End of Day 2, not too great. I don't think Drogo is 100% ready. I released her into the tank (she still has vertical stripes) hoping it would eventually get him to build his nest, but as I monitored them, the fighting got a little out of hand. There was a bunch of chasing, which I was expecting, but he was just plowing into her, like dive bombing her. She did fight back for the first few minutes, then just kept swimming away. In less than 20 minutes, he had torn a good chunk out of her tail....
    I take back what I said about Drogo being "timid and docile" -.-;

    So I put the poor girl back into her jar and will give her a quick meth. blue + salt bath in hopes of preventing infection from that tail. I'll have her float in the jar overnight with the lights on once more and maybe he'll be finished with his nest. What's weird is he never once even went back to the nest when she was out. He just prowled around the tank for her. T_T She was beginning to act submissive but he continued attacking her.

    Gonna let her take it easy overnight and will feed her some brine shrimp and bloodworms. She's not the problem, I think it's him. I might not have conditioned him or fed him enough. We'll see how things look for tomorrow. I can say this... I've never felt so bad for a fish before. My poor Dany was just terrified. :(
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    Well I had to end attempt #1. I took advice from FriedBetta's about releasing the female even though the male wasn't ready with his nest, and he was right about whether some males won't make their nest until they actually meet with the female in person. Overnight, Drogo had made a decent sized bubble nest so I thought everything would go pretty well. Unfortunately, the female was no longer displaying vertical bars after I put her back in the jar, so I released her a 2nd time. I think Drogo kept thinking she was like, a male though... because the chasing that pursued was more like a, "I want to kill you" chase. It was absolutely horrible.

    I monitored them for like, 6 hours together and he beat her up so much to the point where she was gasping on the bottom while hiding. I looked at her fins and he had torn off an entire ventral fin... I mean, it's gone. Completely.

    I know fin nipping and shredded fins are common but wow... An entire fin torn off? :S Is that even normal?

    Sigh. Regardless, I felt it was way too risky to keep them together overnight while I wasn't watching. She no longer had vertical bars anyways and all that was happening was the male attacking her. He was pretty much just dive bombing into her. :/ I do think the reason it failed was a mistake I made. I conditioned them (frozen foods, clean water, etc) but... I skipped the "introducing the female everyday to him" part. I had watched a guide and the dude just put the fish together from the very start. Thought I'd try it that way but clearly it didn't go well.

    Eh, so I'm going to let her rest up and get healed. I feel terrible for her... but it happens. Do you think the conditioning part was where I went wrong? I know I should have left her in there longer but the aggression was to the point where I really thought he'd kill her. I've seen how males fight males and he was pretty much doing just that. I read an article where females release some kind of scent that indicates they're females to the males, which will let them know they're ready to spawn and stop the males from attacking? Don't know if that's even half true. She never really fully went into a submissive state either, and the times she did, Drogo just kept diving into her. T_T There were 2 times where I thought things were going well though. She had followed him to the nest, checked it out, and kinda circled around him... then he just dove into her, biting and chasing her like a lunatic. Fish are cruel sometimes.
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