Drip acclimator

A while back, I was explaining about drip acclimation, but I didn't have pix. So here is a little explanation with pictures.

Certain fish are particularly sensitive to changes in water chemistry. For these fish, I use the drip acclimation method.

What you'll need:
  • one or more pieces of air tube (about 20cm's per piece)
  • two clothes pegs
  • a container
  • a flat surface above water level to put the container in
  • the bag the fish came from the shop in
Here's what you do:
  • open the bag
  • attach the bag to the side of the tank with a clothes peg so that it floats. This will gradually adapt the bag water to the tank's temperature
  • while the bag is floating (about 10 minutes), prepare your drip acclimator by getting a high surface (e.g. a book resting on the corner of the open tank, or a high bar chair)
  • fill a 1L container with tank water
  • tie a knot in an air tube (to slow down water flow)
  • fill the air tube with water from the container (you can use your mouth to create a vaccuum)
  • attach one end of the air tube to the side of the container
  • attach the other end of the air tube to the side of the tank above the open bag, so that it drips into the open bag
  • leave it to drip for about 20 mins, so that a significant proportion of the bag's water is now made of tank water. You may want to use two or more air hoses to accelerate things, as you don't want to leave the fish in the bag for too long as that is very stressful to the fish.
I simply acclimate the temperature with fish in the bag, then transfer the fish to one of those small "betta containers". From there, I secure the airline to that container and drip water directly out of the main tank. I double the volume once, then dump out half, and repeat that process up to 4x. I start the drip VERY slow, and after each doubling of the volume, I increase the drip rate.

I have to do mine over a longer period than most, as my pH is under 6.0
very interesting!
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