Driftwood - White Fuzz And Black Algae


I have a freshwater 150 gallon planted tank. It is cycled. Water parameters all within acceptable range. The tank has been up and running for 4 months. I tried growing java moss on the driftwood attached with locite glue (originally this was in another tank and growing well for 6months without black algae or fuzz). To make long story short, the moss died. There seems to be a black algae on the drift wood in its place. Also there is sometime white fuzz. This particular piece of driftwood is a large piece and previously (before being added to the first tank) was soaked for several days and treated with boiling water before adding it to the tank. (All the various pieces of driftwood in the tank has be pre-treated the same way. The mold and fuzz only seem to be affecting this one piece of driftwood.
Question: What is causing the black mold and /or white fuzz? Is it normal? Do I need to get rid of it and if so what should I do to get rid of it?


The white fungus is very common on new drift wood as it completly harmless. You can scrape it off or leave it on until it goes away. for the black algae however. that sounds a bit worse. If you posted a picture we could possibly help identify the algae for you. I would look into what type it is so you can get rid of it before it becomes a problem.



This was a picture from another person's thread a year ago however, the question of black fuzz was not clearly answered. (p.s. thank you for letting me us the photo. I wasn't able to upload my photo.) I have a similar issue on my driftwood - black fuzzy stuff. What is this? What can be done about it?

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I have it on my wood too.

It’s just a different fungus. It never went away for me, but it’s a lot less.
I would just pick it off whenever it shows up if you don’t like it,

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it looked like something (fungus) that would grow on food.. it just looks like it, maybe they're connected?


Mine just recently started growing that on my old cholla wood that was in my 30 for about 2 months, no growth, but when I moved it to my 10 for a week, it started growing. I'm interested in further responses.


I also have the black stuff, but I only notice it when I move the driftwood; seems to grow under it I guess.
I just rinse it off in old tank water.


I have a spot of the same black fuzz on my driftwood that has been in the aquarium for over 6 months. My pleco seems to be interested in it but just can't get it all due to the way the wood is positioned. It's not spreading so I left it alone.


Having done some research, the fungus tends to grow on new woods that still have nutrients on the surface, and the fungus will feed off of it until it's gone. Sometimes it pops up when the wood has some nutrients from food, etc. Hope this helps?


Thanks for posting this question. I just started having this problem too. Black and white. I'm thinking it may be the same fungus at different stages. My driftwood has been in the tank for about 3 months, and I just started getting some "brown algae" so I purchased 3 nerite snails about 3 weeks ago, who went to town on it, but now the black fungus is back on the wood. From what I am reading here, my guess is that in my case, the snails cleared away the old wood, leaving fresh and that is why the fungus has found a near place to attach and multiply. Glad to hear it is just a nuisance not harmful.

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