Driftwood lower ph?

  1. Witchydesign

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Ok so my ph is already low, 6.5-6.7. Will a piece of driftwood lower the ph more? I have a piece of mopani, and another piece of driftwood (the type escapes me right now, its a popular type though) and my 20 is screaming at me to rescape. Also i may have to set up my 10gal tank, so i need to pull plants, which will leave space for a piece of driftwood :p should i risk it?
  2. virusmk

    virusmk Well Known Member Member

    Driftwood will lower your ph slightly but you wount notice change overnight. It does goes on a long term and slight change not too significant.

    If you are concerned over your ph always you can add a bit of crushed coral or seashels that will rise your ph.
    Its all depends of what sort of fish you want to keep
  3. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    It will lower the ph a little, but regular water changes will help to keep it stable
  4. OP

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Ok. Looks like i can rescape the 20 again then lol. It is looking pretty scraggly in there.
  5. F

    Fishdude846 Valued Member Member

    Depends on the type of driftwood. I had a piece of Malaysian that lowered my ph from 8.0 to 6.7 in a week. Boiled it for several hours and now the effect is negligible.
  6. OP

    Witchydesign Well Known Member Member

    Thats the other piece, malaysian driftwood. Well my ph is already 6.7, i did give it a good soaking for about two weeks, but ill try and boil it.