Driftwood help. Is Cypress safe?


I'm new to this forum but I need advice on adding driftwood to a new tank. I think its cyress and was found in a creek. If anyone knows if this is safe or has advive its much needed......


I have no idea if cypress specifically is safe or not, but typically hardwoods are good and soft woods are not.I’ve added drift wood to my tank before without problems, never any that came from the water though. I have always boiled it for approx 2hrs if it was small enough to do so, then soaked it for a couple months to water log it and remove most of the tannins. Depending on how long it’s been in the creek you may not need to do that at all. Other people bleach dip, use hydrogen peroxide, or bake them in ovens. The main issue is just making sure you kill any potential parasites. Also check your parameters after adding it, my pH has gone down from adding wood before.


Cypress? Don't use it for a tank, as coniferous trees have a lot of sap and resin, that will start a decomposition process that tends to use up all the oxygen in a tank.
Also don't use already waterlogged wood you collected outside, they are often rotten already.

That said, parasites are the least problem with collected wood.

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