Driftwood And Rocks From Beaches

  1. Princethepurplebetta

    Princethepurplebetta Valued Member Member

    Hey guys! I was wondering if it would be safe to use rocks and driftwood thats found at a beach. (i have no experience with driftwood and would like some advice!) Would it be safe to use after being boiled multiple times?
  2. Demeter

    Demeter Well Known Member Member

    I've used sand stones from Lake Michigan and had no issues. That being said, sand stones are known to raise pH and can absorb/release substances as they are basically super compacted sand. I'm only using it because I am quite certain it comes from a clean area.
  3. OP

    Princethepurplebetta Valued Member Member

    Ok thanks

  4. Coleslaw

    Coleslaw Valued Member Member

    I have used sand from a beach in NJ and it has been fine. I used the sand farthest from the water and rinsed it extremely well. For a little while there will be some salt but nothing that will hurt the fish but might hurt some plants. Good luck.
  5. M

    Manjit Valued Member Member

    Dont use any drift wood... first reserch about types of woods used for making drift wood as anyother wood might rot in your aquarium creating many troubles in PH Ammonia spike and etc etc...
    As for rocks do vineger test... and put those rocks in boiling water 4-5 times...
  6. mclemente06

    mclemente06 Valued Member Member

    Don't ever boil rocks, some rocks may explode when boiled. Rinse them thoroughly under hot water instead.
  7. M

    Manjit Valued Member Member

    i dont boil rocks... i boil water and them put the rocks in that
  8. RyleighJ

    RyleighJ Valued Member Member

    I would think that dumping boiling water over rocks is actually more dangerous than boiling them. Rock explosions are typically caused by a rapid change in temperature, so dumping boiling water over rocks or putting rocks into a pot of already boiling water is the most dangerous way. Then again, it might not really be a concern, because how often do rocks explode anyways?

    That being said, I collect rocks and driftwood from a river all the time. If I'm feeling cautious, I boil several times. If not, I rinse briefly and drop in the tank.
  9. AllieSten

    AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    To check if a rock is safe for your aquarium, Use regular vinegar. just drop some onto the rock surface, a few drops will work. If there is no reaction, then it is fine for your tank. If there is a reaction I wouldn't use it. The reaction indicates that it will affect your pH by slowly releasing buffers into your water.

    As far as driftwood goes. Where do you think companies or sellers get it from? They get it from beaches and creek beds. Just boil the driftwood to get the tannins out and sterilize. Then you can use it in your tank. Shouldn't be an issue at all.
  10. M

    Manjit Valued Member Member

    there are certain kind of woods which cannot be used as drift wood....
    They will rot after some time inside your aquarium
  11. AllieSten

    AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    All wood will rot inside the aquarium. The harder the wood is, the longer it takes to rot. So you ideally want something really hard like mopani or grapewood.