Dried food & phosphates

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The fish store I go to recommended I avoid dried food because it will cause phosphates to increase leading to algae bloom.

Anyone hear this or know anything about it?
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I agree. Phosphates definitely contribute to algae problems, and they are commonly found in flakes and other dried foods. When I started my tank I was feeding a lot of flakes, but I have completely switched to various frozen options because of this very issue.
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If you do not overfeed your tank you should not have a problem with the algae bloom.

But yes, it is true, flake food does have phosphates. The waterchanges get rid of phosphates. Also live plants will absorb a great deal of the phosphates.

But the main problem with the phosphates in food and algae blooms comes from people overfeeding their fish. Feed what the fish will eat in under 5 minutes and no more at any one feeding.
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So I can use some dried food, but use it sparingly and don't overfeed. Got it, thanks.
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Man, sorry not to have a link ready, but I do remember hearing/reading about there being phosphates in the juices in frozen foods. I spoon feed frozen cubes after they have defrosted and kinda hold the bowl at a slight angle so that the foods stay on the top side of the bowl and the juices flow into the low side. Then I just scoop out the solids with the spoon. I know that some of the juices will still enter the tank, though it's definitely less than just dumping in a frozen cube.
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I was not aware of the phosphates in the juices, but I tend to do the same thing you are...let the liquid run away from the solids and scoop out the food.
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I just defrosted the cube in a brine shrimp net over cold running water, then feed to the tank. No juice.
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Yeah, I did a little testing of my additives and the frozen omnivore cubes (Emerald Entree) and the dried Zooplankton were loaded with phosphate. Especially unrinsed Entree. After rinsing the liquid I found the Entree to equal the dried stuff so I plan to eliminate both from my feeding schedule. Already quit using the Entree and it helped my Phos some what. With the addition of PhosGuard the Phos is managable with continued use of the dried stuff. Hope to find some alternatives.
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the problem

I just got two clown fish, the pet store told me to feed them flake food but they are not eating good. what else can I feed them
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Try Formula 1 frozen food. Slice it into little squares. Also try to get frozen cyclopeeze, mysis or enriched brine shrimp !
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Another good trick is to soak the food in garlic. Most local fish stores sell Kent Garlic Extreme. You just put a couple of drops on the food and then add it to the tank.
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ok thanks ill try that. one other question. well two. I got a bubble tip anemone like three days ago, he keeps moving. people have told me that the lighting might have something to do about it, but I have two 36in t5 HO, and two 48in t5HO. I think that is enough is it? and what do I feed him. the fish store told me small piece of krill, but all he does is drop it.
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Sounds like you are under-lit for the anemone. To give you a comparison, I'm running 8 T5's on my 55 gallon with a BTA. What is your total wattage, and how deep is your tank?
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21 in deep about 300 watt
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if you overfeed with flake food it will increase the fosphates in your tank so if you are going to use flake food then you should make sure you don't put too much fosphates.
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HI I don't recommend u useing flake it can make your phosphates rise like crazy if you overfeed. best you go with brine shrimp or bloodworms. hope I helped.
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I just bought a clown fish myself. I use ORA Glo its "specially formulated for clownfish" but it can be used for other fish also. Also its suppose to help with their color. It seems to only like to eat food from the top of the water or catch it while the food drops. It just will not no matter what eat it off the bottom of the tank but ya know it eats it so maybe yours will to you just got to time it right LOL oh yeah its a pellet food

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