Dream tanks?

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Hi, all! I was wondering what everyone's dream tanks were, no matter how large or how small, whether they may be coming soon or in a long time or never, basically ANYTHING you want !

Personally, there are LOTS that I want, but in the near future my plans are

1. 20 gallon long with an axolotl
2. (3x) 20-30 gallon hex koi angel tanks (one pair per tank)
3. 10 gallon dwarf puffer tank
4. 29 gallon tank with a large gourami (blue, kissing, pearl, etc...not sure yet), a small variety of pleco (probably BN), and a large school of rummynose tetras

In the slightly further future my plans are

1. 75 gallon tank with loaches
2. 55 gallon cichlid tank
3. 75 gallon green spotted puffer tank
4. Something salty!
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I have two! I'm out of room in my home but this would fit well!!!!
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OMG Mother Goose! Those are my dream tanks too lol
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Shawnie, I love the coffee table tanks, but where does one hide the cords?
My dream tank is a 120 gallon with sand substrate, quarts rocks and driftwood and a few plants. Then I will move the dwellers of the 55 gallon over to that tank, and my JDs will have the 55g.
Hopefully that dream will come to fruit in the springtime! ;D
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loooove the table Shawnie! I would love to have a large tank with a few silver arowanas and maybe a Black gohst knifefish. another tank I would love to have is a saltwater coral tank with a snowflake Eel and a couple yellow tang.
I would also love to have a lionfish in a 55 gallon tank.
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I would love a 120 gal. Freshwater tank with large NW cichlids.
I would also love to start a Saltwater tank.
Caleb Smith
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Ok so I have an empty cycled 10 gallon that I am looking to fill. So If you could only have one tank for the rest of your life and it could only be a 10 gallon what would you do with it?? It can be anything!! Shrimp, snails, fish anything!!! What would you stock it with? How would you decorate it? What plants would you use? Substrate? I want to know everything!!! Tell me about your dream tank and I might just use your idea...
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If I could only have a 10 gallon, I'd be sad, but I'd have it planted ,white sand substrate ,and stocked with 2 male guppies and 5 ghost shrimp.
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Sadly it probably would lay in the garage empty. I can't remember the last time I had a 10 setup except bare for a qt. I would be bored of it within a week.
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Well, if I had one tank, I'd choose:

Black sand, luscious plants, and my creative rocks.
I actually have my own 10 gallon, and it's great to have, but I'll be upgrading soon. I just have a betta, nerite snails, and CPD. I did have shrimp, but they didn't last.

I have already broken that limit, I have a 31 gallon too.
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If I could only have a 10 gallon, I would paint the back and sides white have white substrate and have a tall creeping spiderwood in one corner. I would then border the bottom with some dwarf hair grass and I'd stock it with a singular male black tuxedo guppy!
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I would get a few micro/dwarf plants for sure! Some micro sword, dwarf anubias nana, maybe a Marimo moss ball bc they're all adorable and all stay small! For Substrate I like a natural look so a tan/brown mix of small gravel or depending on the fish half gravel in the back half sand in the front. The plants being in the gravel half. A small piece of driftwood and a tree stump shaped cave decoration.. The fish part is hard!
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I might just have to paint my tank when I redo it.
When I upgrade, I'll be rescuing sick bettas.
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Well, it will be DIY 144 inches wide, 8 inches long and 2 inches tall (you never said dimensions:emoji_smirk. There will be 2mm of sand, and a few plants there and here. Inhabitants will be a ton of shrimp.
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Well, it will be DIY 144 inches wide, 8 inches long and 2 inches tall (you never said dimensions:emoji_smirk. There will be 2mm of sand, and a few plants there and here. Inhabitants will be a ton of shrimp.
I like it.
75g Discus Tank
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I'd just have a planted tank with some driftwood and INFINATE BABY PLEOCS THAT NEVER AGE AND NEVER DIE!

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