Draining Saltwater Fish Tank

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    I’m about to drain my saltwater fish tank. I have heard that the salt messes up the septic system and it kills grass. My 75 gallon tank is on the second storie and I need to drain it out. If anyone has any ideas on how to drain it? Also the woods is about half a football field away after it goes down one story. Where should I drain it to?
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    I’m not trying to be pushy but I need answers kinda quick.
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    Sorry I just saw this! I actually just drained my parents 150g so I have super recent experience. It can and will hurt your septic system and grass.

    I personally have a really long hosed gravel siphon (literally like 75ft) and I just siphon it down the driveway. That way it usually ends up on the driveway some soaking into the grass but not enough to kill anything. Over time it'll rain on the salt and dilute it way down

    If you don't have a long siphon you can do the same thing with buckets. I just send them right down the driveway. You can always hose it off after, again will dilute it down so you won't have to worry about it harming the grass or anything