Dragon Goby

  1. Snake88

    Snake88 Member Member

    I saw a dragon goby at my pet store and I think its fascinating. I read that they are a brackish water fish and I also read that they can live in freshwater .. i have a 55 gal freshwater tank and really want one can anyone tell me if they can actually live in freshwater?
  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Dragon goby are brackish water fish. Because they are low end brackish, they can tolerate fresh water for short periods of time. Because most pet stores don't want to deal with maintaining brackish tanks, but they still deal in brackish fish, they keep them in fresh water.

    This isn't especially good for the fish.

    Dragon goby can get quite large. Well over a foot in length. 55 gallon is the minimum size tank requirement.