Downsizing & decommissioning tanks

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I technically have 9 tanks running at the moment, and while the number of them doesn't bother me, the type and number of them does.

How has it gone for others to set aside tanks? Wait for bigger opportunities?
Do you hold on to the empty tanks or make room for the planned/future tanks?

Currently its:


I also have a 5 gallon and a 3 gallon that have never been set up, and maybe never will?

The 10 gallon is the only non fluval tank that's currently running. I like the size but it's location is half the problem I think. Getting the right pressure when cleaning the sand/substrate, and just being able to interact with it, is difficult at knee height. My favorite things about it are the wide open glass viewing space and the fluval filter - should I really keep a tank because of the filter?! (The fluval plant light on there is nice too)

So I'm strongly considering taking the 10 gallon completely out of use, as I don't have another spot for it at the moment if I could even decide to move it. But that means I have to figure out tanks for all those plants. (I already removed the ramshorn and the shrimp, it's just pond snails and plants now) I can't get to the LFS right now to give them my extra greenery. Not sure people want plants shipped now either, or I'd start posting plants for free.

And the 2x 2.5g... well 1 is totally empty while I was just making sure Nut (female betta) is happy in her new 15 gallon before emptying it. And the other one is home to 1 Honey Gourami fry (maybe more, maybe not) and so I'll leave that up and going but if there are no fry then that tank goes bye bye too.

Which would put me down to 6 tanks. And I kinda like the sound of that. Not because of how many tanks but because of the work involved in those specific 6 tanks.

But.. I really would like to get another big community tank at some point, it's been incredible working with the 45g and it's inhabitants. And not feeling as stressed when.. the plants grow out, the fish add up, the water needs adjusting - somehow it's simpler in a bigger tank? The first month was kinda horrible, largely due to the substrate and the filters, but after that got sorted? It's been my favorite tank overall.

In even the 15 gallon setups it's an ongoing, closely watched balance of affairs. If I didn't have so many fish and plants already in the 15 gallon tanks I'd probably consider moving those Bettas to 5 gallon solo tanks.

Seems it's 5 gallon then 45g for ease of upkeep somehow. At least for me.

Edit: I plan to put the fluval 107 on the 45g if I do shutdown the 10g, just to keep the filter BB going, and 1 more filters never a bad thing. I'll also take the filter media out of the 2.5g tanks and put them in the side pockets of the 15g. Again, keeping seeded media just in case an emergency pops up.
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How about decommissioning some or all of the 15 gallons by moving everything to a big divided tank?10 gallon tank dividers. Ideal for Betta fish
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Hmm that’s a good idea.

I’ve been hesitant to have the risk of outbreak in one section hit 1-2 other sections but it’s not much different than a community tank so...

I could do a 30 split 3 ways. I’ll have to ponder that.

Thanks for the suggestion!
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Lol! If I can’t resist getting another betta, that’s the fallback plan for my empty 20 long
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I once kept four Freshwater tanks, but always found myself focused on the one big display tank.
The other tanks were carefully hardscaped & stocked with healthy, interesting fish, but most of the attention was directed to the big tank.
A few years ago I broke down the two smaller tanks & kept the primary display tank & a reserve 65 gal. tank up & running.
Down sizing freed up a lot of time and increased the enjoyment I derive from the main tank. The reserve tank is scaped & stocked well, but its primary use is to handle aggression issues from the main tank, or a holding tank for fish I plan to trade. I'm cured of Multiple Tank Syndrome. Lol.

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