Dovii Wolf Cichlid Question

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what minimum size tank would you recommend for dovii cichlid

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  1. 5ft tank

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  2. 6ft tank

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  3. 8ft tank

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  4. go bigger

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  1. MATTMAN New Member Member

    Hi everyone finally a forum with actual help from helpful people so here I go ...
    I have just bought two juvenile dovii cichlids now after spending weeks on end watching youtube videos from the pros I was just enquiring obviously a decent size tank is required so I purchased a small 6ft x 580h x 580w now the the big question is it has a overflow iattachment back left corner and comes with a sump filter box now I have grown up on canisters but found canisters can only do so much likewise with sumps but I was watching nonstop for days n days over videos and no one truly answered is sump good enough or cannistor ? or are both as good as each other I'm lost so please help anyone I'm planning to put some drift wood in and medium size placed sandstone rocks for a freshwater lake bottom look basic no plants and pottery for each dovii to chill inside

  2. A201 Well Known Member Member

    The new six foot tank is a good temporary home for the two juvenile Dovii, but an eight foot plus tank will soon be required
    Keeping Dovii can be compared to keeping a Florida variety Large mouth Bass w/ teeth. It doesn't really matter what mode of filtration you choose. Even with a sump, canister or a row of AC 110's a large 50% WC will be required each week. Dovii need pristine water. Another point to consider is Dovii are central American Cichlids, which come from waters that are hard w/ PH 8.0 - 8.4. A limestone hardscape or crushed coral in filter might be a good idea.
    Years ago I made an impulsive Dovii buy from my LFS. Even as a juvenile, It was a really awsome looking fish. The little guy became absolutely lethal at three inches, knocking off bigger tankmates. Sadly I returned the Dovii. Good luck with your plan, hope everthing works out.

  3. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Considering that this species can easily reach 2 feet in length, would you really consider an 8 ft. tank adequate? The largest P. dovii that I know of was Guy Jordan's "Pablo", who measured over 30 inches at his death. As far as water chemistry, the pH of Lake Nicaraqua (one of the primary sources for this species) is usually just above 8.0, but the hardness is not that extreme, with a TDS of less than 150. A more detailed analysis can be found  . I would also disagree that they need "pristine" water; just keeping it relatively clean will be adequate.
  4. A201 Well Known Member Member

    Chromedome, I don't really understand the listed points.
    I simply advised the OP that he would eventually need an eight foot (plus) - meaning bigger- tank. Personally I wouldn't recommend anyone keep a Dovii. I'm quite aware of the potential size of a Dovii. I compared Dovii to a Florida strain Largemouth Bass w/ teeth. Floridas can reach 20 lbs +.
    A two foot Dovii wouldn't be unusual under adequate aquarium conditions. I got the impression that the OP is only dealing with a couple of two inchers at the moment.
    Why dispute the term "pristine" water? I believe Websters defines it as: Fresh & Clean. Really?
    Regarding my PH recommendation of 8.0 - 8.4. I was simply generalizing the Avg. PH spread of a region of the world where the bedrock is limestone. I have never been to or have any specific knowledge concerning a particular lake in Central America. I suppose I could have gone on line and looked up exact water parameters of specific lakes, but I thought it best just to provide the OP with info based on my limited experience of actually keeping a Dovii and some generalities regarding upkeep.
    I think we are on the same team reference this issue, unless I'm missing something.
  5. Redshark1 Fishlore VIP Member

    The post from chromedome52 was as usual concise, accurate and the kind of post valued by myself.

    It added usefully to the information already given.

    I understood his point about tank size which was well made. This is something that many people get badly wrong.

    When using the word pristine on this forum it is usually used to indicate that the water must be of a higher quality than that for other fish. If this is not the case then stating so will be helpful to anyone interested.
  6. A201 Well Known Member Member

    Redshark. The only reason I responded to Chromedome's reply was that he apparently asked a question of me. I'm not disputing that the information he provided was accurate. it was more or less the same information I gave, with a little added hair splitting. Please re-read the post.
    I have no problem with Chromedome. I've read & enjoyed some of his posts. Regarding "pristine", I believe it's an appropriate adjective to describe the need for the best water quality possibe. That word has been used by others time and again on this forum with no objection until now. Probably not a good idea to recommend "mediocre" or "average" water quality for anybody's aquarium.
  7. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Pristine is something you recommend for delicate fish, such as those with extreme sensitivity to ammonia/nitrates.

    I don't think of dovii as delicate.
  8. A201 Well Known Member Member

    I really don't understand how a senseless debate over context and proper usage of the word "Pristine" is helpful in anyway towards the OP.
    If the OP has any concerns, complaints or any confusion regarding my usage of the word "Pristine" to generally describe proper water parameters for his Dovii, then I'll be happy to explain that to him.