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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Tropicalfishlover18, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Tropicalfishlover18

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    I have a 36 gal bowfront that is always full with 'debris'. I use an Aqueon power filter 55. And I usually don't have time to hand clean it myself. Is having 2 filters the best option for me?
  2. GgAcE

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    Lets figure out where the debris is coming from first. You shouldn't have ANY floating debris. Are you over feeding or overstocking your tank?
  3. Castiel*

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    Question do you own a common Pleco? They are poop machines!! Having a second filter is never a "Bad" idea, only too much current would be bad. Filtration can always be better!

    Also, filling out your profile information such as your tanks, equipment, stock list, and most importantly water parameters will help everybody and yourself out in the long run!
  4. Jim

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    Welcome. Are you new to the hobby or new to,fishlore? What kind of fish do you have, what kind of food and how often do you feed the fish. What do you mean by "debris"? We'll help, just give us some info to work with.
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  6. GgAcE

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    Filters simply wont help. It's grossly overstocked & very unhealthy. Even if you had a strong canister, you would probably then have too much flow for your gallons - turnover rate.

    2 HOBs will help reduce some of the ammonia & such due to the carbon but it certainly wont come close to all your debris.

    At least rid of the gold fish.....
  7. Sayba

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    There is nothing like looking at your tank everyday and knowing it is healthy. Even with my crayfish and snail tank being understocked I still struggle to get rid of all the poo and other .

    Why not rehome some fish and have a clean up? Do you vacuum the gravel? Filters dont do much for a dirty substrate.
  8. troyvsc

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    The gouramis would also need to go in my opinion. If you rehome those 2 along with the goldfish. Then you could up some of the numbers on the fish you do have that belong in bigger amounts.

    Highly recommend using a second filter.
  9. OP

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    The setup is temporarily, try to get a 20 gal by Christmas