Dose It Really Cost This Much?!?! Help

Discussion in 'Our Other Pets' started by FishFor2018, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    So i had some tadpoles in my kitty pool that had been in there for a couple months so i put all but 2 into a pond. one of them is an albino and the other one is dark brown. i would love to keep the albino one but i went shopping and for everything (not including food) is $60!!!
    Here is my list:
    • Potting soil (getting from hardware store)
    •   getting 2
    •   for food
    •   for water
    Any way i can find it cheaper??

  2. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    Try amazon or DIY. I dont know about frogs but i’d expect it to be expensive.

  3. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    Okay thank you!

  4. wodesorelWell Known MemberMember

    Frogs need an aquarium the same as fish, with a bit of land to come out and dry off on. What you're putting together looks like a terrestrial toad enclosure.
  5. ??????New MemberMember

    One other tip instead of buying those expensive aquarium backgrounds go to the dollar store and buy the solid color table cloths cut to size tape it to the back of the tank if it tears rips etc you paid a dollar!!! plus you get a pretty good size piece. It really amazes me the kind of money that is spent for aquariums and its done every day. The sad thing if you go to a big brand name Pet Store ( PETCO, PET SMART ) most of the kids that work there no little to nothing they will sell you the tank filter heater filter hood light etc etc and then say would you like to get some fish to add to your tank?? Whatever happened to cycling your tank first yes they do make stuff that will instantly cycle your tank but I have never seen it except online not cheap. So the customer buys some fish and within a week they are back wondering why the fish are dead?? Education goes along way its not hard but you can go thru a bunch of money without knowing what to get.
  6. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    Do you know what breed of frog/tadpole they are? They might be semi-aquatic.
  7. RavenahraValued MemberMember

    Since the tadpole grew up in your kiddy pool, it's used to plastic so you can use some large bottle tops for the food and the water can be absorbed from the water part if its enclosure which can be a shallow plastic bin.

    You can probably skip the plastic plants and maybe just get some plants from your yard since that's the tadpole's native environment any way and use a small partially buried terra cotta pot instead of the plastic log.

    Some of this wont look as pretty as the stuff from a pet store but it'll keep the frog alive while you slowly change out for prettier stuff so its not such a huge hit on your wallet.
  8. BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    I can't believe you can get a 10 gallon for under 15 dollars! Over here in britain I would struggle to find one under £50!
  9. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    not yet but trying to figure it out on here: Albino Tadpole!

    Okay thanks this will work so much better :)

    Im thinking its a toad since the majority of frogs here are toads but i am going to give it a small swimming/dipping corner

    Couldn't find much on amazon :(

    Also do i need a UVB light. he/she is being kept inside
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  10. max hWell Known MemberMember

    Check out craigslist in your area.
  11. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    yep tried that, prople are trying to sell tanks with lids for $30 and they are used :banghead:
  12. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    Just letting you know, even if the PetCo dollar per gallon sale is over (is it over? It might not be over yet, call your local PetCo), they have GLASS aquariums for the same price as that plastic aquarium from Wally World. If the sale isn't over, then they're only $10.
  13. max hWell Known MemberMember

    That's where the barter system comes in. In one of my Facebook groups I maybe picking up a 180 with stand, canopy, lighting and a 75 gallon sump for less then the cost to by the stand new.
  14. wodesorelWell Known MemberMember

    There is a big difference in care between frogs and toads! Maybe you should wait and figure out what it is first so you aren't wasting money.
  15. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    okay can i just buy the tank for now? it would be a 10G. also can i keep just the albino one or dose it need a friend?
  16. wodesorelWell Known MemberMember

    A ten gallon can start you out for sure, but it is not a permanent home. Most amphibians are okay with being kept by themselves, but it may come down to the species

    Toads do much better with a 20 gallon long or larger as they will be palm sized when fully grown in about three years. I have mine in a 40 breeder and it just works for them. They are very active!

    Depending on the species of frog you'd need a much larger habitat. If it turns out to be a bullfrog you're looking a 55 gallon so it has enough swimming room. Even the smaller native species will end up needing probably 30 gallons or more. They are active, fairly big, and need tons of swimming space. They are also messy and need clean water, so a great filter is important!!

    If it turns out to be a tree frog you'd need a vertical enclosure. I use a medium exoterra for my grey tree frog, though she would use all of a bigger one in a heartbeat.

    You may also want to check your state's Department of Wildlife to see what the legal requirements are for owning a wild-caught amphibian. Some allow it, some do not, some do with a permit, and some have special rules for anyone under 18. I'm in Ohio and have a yearly permit for my natives (all rescues).
  17. Lacey DWell Known MemberMember

    If you have frogs, this is the best style of setup:

    You should be able to ID your tadpole by looking at a chart like this:
      -- your fish and wildlife or agriculture office might have something more suited to your area online.

    You can get away with the following:
    For a cheap aquarium, look at your local thrift stores--many times they will have 10-20 gallons for under $10, or look at Craigslist for TERRARIUMS or cracked/broken aquariums. If the crack is in the bottom, it won't work for fish but it is perfect for frogs--just repair it with a piece of glass siliconed over the crack and use that under your dirt side. In my experience, it is often dollarwise cheaper to get a larger aquarium than it is a small one--I got a 37g for $32 off of Craigslist, with the stand and other equipment. This is because people just want to get RID of big setups :p Next get a cheap ziploc or glad or dollar store plastic food container--that can be your pond. Put the "pond" in and fill around it with dirt (it's best if you layer-- pea gravel, sand, dirt cap--this allows better moisture dispersion without your setup becoming mud, but it's OK either way.) Put in a stick from your back yard, and you can plant other things as like.

    You can use a wood frame and some screen for the top, unless your house gets really cold.
  18. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    Im thinking either a grey tree frog or the southern cricket frog. thanks for info very helpful!
  19. IHaveADogTooWell Known MemberMember

    Definitely check on the laws of keeping wild caught native species, and the laws of keeping wild caught invasive species, in your state. I know in my state it's illegal to keep a native species at all, even if it's captive bred, unless you have a special breeder's license. For example, I can't keep a hognose snake, because it's native to my state. In some states, it is legal to catch invasive species, but not legal to keep them (meaning you have to euthanize them if you catch them). I don't know which species are native or invasive in Florida, but I do know there is an abundance of both. Florida has a pretty severe invasive species problem, and from what I understand some of those invasive species are frogs. So definitely keep trying to figure out the species, so you know what laws to check. That albino tadpole is really cool and I don't blame you for wanting to keep it. Just make sure everything's on the up and up.
  20. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    so if this little guy/girl is not a Pine Barrens tree-frogs, gopher frog or a Florida bog frog then i can keep it :D:D:D

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