Dorsal Fin Torn Up


For starters, here's the details of my setup:
  1. 75-gal tank with live and artificial plants and decorations (plenty of hiding places)
  2. 3 Oddessa barbs
  3. 1 Red-tail Shark
  4. 1 Spotted Gourami
  5. 1 Blue Acara
Hopefully the s are good enough to see the problem... I've had the Odessas for a few months now and 2 things kind of worry me. 1) they fight among themselves and 2) the shark chases them every now and them. I just noticed this morning the one of the barbs dorsal fin is torn up. Which scenario is the more likely cause?
  1. the fighting - given they slam their bodies against each other
  2. the shark nipping at them - I think this is less likely because the barbs seem fast enough to get away most times.
Thanks for you comments!

Is there a fix for this? Any way to mend it or at least make sure further damage is not done?


Hello! As long as he’s not picked on anymore, the fin will heal up on its own with good clean water and frequent tank cleaning. No meds needed. Not sure about your stocking and compatibility. Never had those fish.
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Thank you for you comment Goldiemom.

However, I just looked again and this guy is upside-down but still breathing. I think the fin is damaged and he can't get himself upright.


Is the dorsal fin damaged as well? He should still be able to swim. There’s something else going on. Either his has been hurt internally or the stress is getting him. Keep him in a desperate tank with an air stone. I just don’t know what’s going on inside. Is he bloated or pine coning? It might be too late but you can try some aquarium salt. 1 ounce per gallon. Keep tank warm ( normal temp for fish). If it doesn’t s internal injuries, you will have to work fast. You may try Lifeguard or something like that which you can get at Walmart, I believe. I would do the warm water and salt first.

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