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Don’t Give Up On Your Motionless/floating Mystery Snail!

Discussion in 'Fish, Snail, Worm And Pest ID Help' started by Mamastacia3, May 20, 2019.

  1. Mamastacia3 New Member Member

    Hi all,

    Newish to fish keeping, recently got a gold mystery snail for my 10g betta tank. The betta kept nipping at my snail so I moved “Lord Varys”
    to his own 2g tank. Maybe too much movement happened or he was “shell shocked” (ha ha) but shortly after the move he was floating in the tank, completely motionless, half of his body hanging out so I did not think it was an air bubble. (Ironically the supposed demise of my Lord Varys the Snail coincided with the exact day and time that Lord Varys from GOT met his untimely end. Tangent!) Anyway, LVTS (Lord Varys the Snail) stayed that way for a full 48 hours. I was sure he was dead. I texted my friend about how sad I was but it’d been a good two days and he was just floating, 90% sure he was dead. About 20 mins after I told my friend my poor Snail was most likely dead, an antenna appeared, then a siphon, and lo and behold he started moving!!! Not dead!!! It took him a couple days to do anything else but just sit there but he eventually started perking up and now he is back to his normal self, shimmying all over the place. I was so relieved and just wanted to caution people to not give up on your snail prematurely if you think s/he might be dead. I smelled him a couple of times but it was only two days, didn’t smell bad so I was going to give him another day before giving him a proper burial in the garden. So...if you think so Snail is dead don’t give up hope because even after several days they may come back to life!! FYI!!
  2. midna Well Known Member Member

    i think you have a zombie snail :D

    i found my nerite outside my tank yesterday. he's been missing for over a week. i highly doubt he's still alive since his shell kinda floats and he's closed up tightly, but i put him in some water juuuust in case. there's no smell and i'm not sure if the trapdoor can just stay shut like that when they're dead. i did have a nerite that was accidentally left without water for maybe 6-8 hours though and he ended up dying. took a day or two to open up and smell though.
  3. Mamastacia3 New Member Member

    Aw, sorry about your snail, escape artist! You’re probably right that he’s dead but agree no harm in putting him in water - just in case! Maybe wait til he smells bad...? Bc I was sure mine was dead but just left him floating in there, figured since he was the only inhabitant of the tank he wouldn’t ruin the water for anyone else. Maybe mine IS a zombie snail!!