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  1. Cruise

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    An ex-work mate of mine is into saltwater aquariums in a big way. He is also an avid scuba diver. One day whilst scuba diving off the coast of Sydney he saw a bright looking octopus. He liked it so much he took it home and put it into his salt water aquarium with his other fish he bought.

    A few days later he realized there was a few fish missing, then a week later 5 were gone. He realized the octopus was eating his prize fish. The fish knew, if the octopus was at one end of the tank the fish where at the other end.

    Eventually when all his fish has been consumed he tried to catch the now bloated octopus, but it would jam itself into a corner and he couldn’t get it out no matter how hard he tried. Eventually in frustration my workmate drained the tank to starve the octopus of oxygen. He then took it out of the tank and put it back in the ocean whence he caught it.

    Moral of the story – Don’t catch fish (or in this case an invertebrate) out of the wild to stock your fish tanks.
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    Totally agree. I've never even kept a saltwater tank, but I know that octopi are incompatable with virtually all fish in an aquarium setting.
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    Seems like common sense to me. What did he think he was going to feed it, pellets?
  4. OP

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    I don't know what he was thinking or whether he was thinking at all.

    Was similar to the casino he installed two massive fish tanks with a lot of caves. The guests at the casino couldn't see the fish, the fish were all hidden in caves
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    Argh, imagine if he'd caught a blue ringed octopus! I thought that's where your story was headed!
  6. smee82

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    Sometimes i wonder what happened to common sense
  7. OP

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    Sorry, he didn't show me the tank with the octopus in it, he only told me after he got rid of it. He knew I would give him a ribbing and call him an idiot for doing such a thing.
  8. Danjamesdixon

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    Apologies if he is a friend to you -

    but what a moron.
  9. OP

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    His cat had better sense.

    He wanted to show me how the cat would land on his feet from a 1st storey balcony. After picking up the cat and sticking out in thin air in front of the balcony, the cat lashed out and actually punctured his ear lobe, you could have put an ear ring in it.

    No animal cruelty. The cat got loose, hissed at him then ran out of the room.
  10. Danjamesdixon

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    Doesn't sound like the sort of person that has any business keeping animals really.
  11. Nart

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    So on another note...

    I learned this from some fish legends who go on these expeditions to catch fish in Brazil, Thailand, etc...
    One of the very important things they said is to never, ever, ever, put the fish back into the wild once it goes into your system. You either keep it, give it to someone, or destroy it. But never ever put it back into the wild. They said that it could introduce parasites, diseases, that would harm the immune system of all wild life that does not have the built up immunity to what your fishes have in your fish tank.

    So please, pass this on... It is very important that we educate people on this to protect the eco system that we have.
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  12. OP

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    I remember hearing a story of a mother with two young children in a pet store that sold everything including fish.

    The kids had ice cream and it got all over their hands. So guess what their mother decide to do?

    Thats right, wash the kids hands off in the fish tanks. And the fish are wondering "whats all this white stuff?"
  13. Hill Dweller

    Hill DwellerWell Known MemberMember

    Good heavens!!