Dojo with cichlids???

  1. eman4172 Initiate Member

    I am currently stocking a 55 gallon tank with mbuna. I have chosen yellow labs zebras ( two kinds) and yellow tail acei. Are there any others you would suggest to go with these fish?? Also. I have a golden dojo loach who needs an upgrade of tank size. Could he go in there by himself, with a group, or not at all. Thx in advance
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd have to say not at all, weather loaches are cool water fish & prefer softer water than cichlids they can also get quite big
  3. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Coradee is right the temp that mbuna cichlid should be kept at for best color, health etc is too warm for loach.
    There are many types of cichlids in the mbuna families. Some that I believe are gorgeous are the Sulphur Head and also Peacocks. There are also others such as the yellow fin Mbuna.
    Good luck and there are many cichlid keepers on this site! :)