Dojo Loach in a 20 Long?

  1. fighter55 Member Member

    Hello to everyone! Recently my parents have become interested in fish keeping since they see my brother's and my fish so often. I bought them a typical 20 long aquarium and gave them a list of fish they should research and look into. Sadly, when they were at the pet store they got interested in one of their Dojo Loaches. The guy at the pet store said it would be fine in a 20. They also bought 5 Kuhli Loaches because they said the people at the pet store said the kuhli loaches will make up for the lack of other dojos in the tank. I explained that he was either misinformed or lying, because a dojo can't fit in a 20 for too long. What should I do? Rehome it or keep it where it is are my only options. It is about 2" inches now- the same size as the kuhlis. They hang out with each other and seem fairly happy.
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I know the dojos can be really small at the store, but they really grow much too big for a 20 long. The ones at petsmart now are as small as kuhlis - I've never seen them so small. Same $10 price tag though....

    My dojos and kuhlis have nothing to do with one another, but the dojos are several times larger.

    I can't tell you what to do with the fish - these situations are so circumstantial. I would probably keep it till it got too large for the tank, then tell your parents that their fish needs a larger tank.
  3. cameronpalte Member Member

    If you can afford it, you may be able to transition all those in to a 55g. That being said, it does seem like many times, people at the pet store misinform their customers (they told me 4 goldfish would be more than happy in a 20g, and now I'm working on a way to fix that). They may be able to take it back, or they can try to do what I'm doing for my goldfish, change some water daily to keep it clean and then once the fish grows some move it to a bigger tank rather than doing that right now.
  4. fighter55 Member Member

    My brother has a 40 Gallon long tank with Giant Danios and two spotted ctenopoma. Would it work in that?
  5. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    yes, for much longer than a 20 long. Its still not a long term home though.
  6. fighter55 Member Member

    ok, thanks. Maybe this summer when biglbue gets a 55 the loach can move in there
  7. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Actually, and this is just my honest opinon, the 40 may be a possible permanate home. Depending on the final size of the Dojo. There has been a decrease in average size dojos coming out of petcosmart/walmart for some reason. Particularly the golds. Though, i would say treat all fish like they will obtain their species maximum. Some, including one i fostered seem to cease growth at 7-8" which is odd for their species.

    Defiantly move it to the 40 for now. Then, if at all given the possibility, move it to a 55gal or larger, basicly a tank with a good 4 feet on it.
  8. fighter55 Member Member

    Ok thanks. But could I hold off on moving it to to the 40 until it gets bigger? I'm just worried it will get eaten.
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    yes, you could hold off.

    I definitely wouldn't defiantly move it ;)
  10. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    How big is it right now? the 2spot, those are active hunters right?
  11. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    If it's the size of the dojos my petsmart started carrying, it would be eaten by the ctenopomas for sure. If you even thing they could eat it, they will. And even if they can't, that doesn't mean they won't try.
  12. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    Would they hurt if the tried? I mean a 5-6" dojo is a thing to be reckoned with. Very powerful fish, do the ctenopomas have teeth?
  13. fighter55 Member Member

    They don't have teeth, but they have surprisingly large mouths. The loach is around 2" and is fairly thin. One ctenopoma is about 3 inches while the other is a good 4-5". They've really had a growth spurt. It is also commonly called the african Spotted Leaf Fish or Leopard Bushfish. They are extremely predatory and will try to anything that is close to half their size and under or can fit in their mouth.
  14. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    At that size there is nothing to be concerned about, but the dojos at petsmart now are 2 inches long. Smaller than kuhli loaches. They literally look like a worm to be eaten.

    Ctenapomas inhale food - their mouth extends out significantly, creating a vacuum so when they open, food is drawn in. Yes, they will likely kill it trying to eat it.
  15. fighter55 Member Member

    Thats what I was worrying about. It's a good thing the giant danios with them are fast, or else they'd be snack, since they are still juvies.
  16. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    The ctenopomas are ambush predators - they don't like to chase down food, nor can they.
  17. fighter55 Member Member

    They're still fast enough to get away from an ambush. I sure hope the ctenopomas don't start working as a team.
  18. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    I would say a 5+" then they would be safe, but at 2" i wouldnt try it.
  19. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Have you seen these fish petsmart is passing off as dojos??? I think they still have sacks.
  20. soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    I have actually. Its sad. Same goes for the babby bettas, tiny zebra danio, microscopic clown loaches and so on.