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While cleaning my tank yesterday I discovered two Dojo Loach fry. At first I didn't believe that they were Dojo Loach fry, as it is almost unheard of for them to breed in captivity. However the tank only contains Dojo Loaches. The head count is now four fry varying from 1/2" to 3/4" in length with definite Dojo Loach characteristics.
The tank is a fifty gallon cold fresh water. It has been set up for about five years and contained Dojos, goldfish and high finned sharks. Over the years all of the fish died except for the Dojo Loaches. The last one was a shabumkin gold fish that had whirling disease about a month ago. I didn't introduce any new fish for fear of the tank being infected. The Dojo's were actually being quaranteened as I was planning to move them and get rid of this tank.
The goldfish that died last month bullied the Dojos and put them under stress. After it died the Dojos slowly reverted back to their usual behavior. The tank is located in our home office and most days there is only someone present at feeding time. The water has one third volume change a month and the light is turned off at about 10:00 p.m. The tank has four plants and numerous rocks, with fine gravel for the Dojos to burrow through. There is an Emperor 280 filter. The p.H. of the water is 7.0 to 7.2. I use water conditioner at water change times but don't measure the nitrate, nitrite or ammonia. The room temperature varies between 60 and 70 degrees F. (There is no tank heater). The tank has U.V. overhead lights. In the afternoon direct sunlight also shines on the tank for a couple of hours. (I live in So. Cal.). The tank is probably underfiltered as algae constantly grows on the tank sides.
The adult Dojos are old (3-5 years at least) and large (5" to 6"). One is the spotted kind and the other the smooth kind. They are fed flakes and shrimp pellets. As previously stated the fry were discovered accidentally while cleaning algae off the tank sides. No mating or eggs were observed. The fry have the barbs and characteristic Dojo Loach shape. The two larger fry have the spots shown on the one parent. They are also exihibiting communal behavior. There is no way that these fry belong to any other species than Dojo Loach and I would be happy to show them to any one interested.
I am so lucky to have them and want them to live. Right now I am giving them frozen brine shrimp. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


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Sorry no advice here, but I'm wondering if you stumbled on something. I never heard about dojos reproducing in peoples tanks, but I've never talked to anybody who just had a dojo only tank. I wondering if they need to be by themselves to get into the breeding mood.

Keep us posted


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Welcome to FishLore Austen Pell!
Any pictures of your fry and set up you could share with us?
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