Does This Look Right For My New Betta???

  1. Arkayan Samaddar

    Arkayan Samaddar Initiate Member

    I tried my first planted betta tank with some Anubias, Java moss and marimo ball. Newton, seems to like it a lot. Although I'm not sure how regularly to clean his waste and uneaten food. Its a 2.6 gallon Fluval Spec III tank.

    20170717_092142.jpg 20170717_110137.jpg

    Do you guys think the plants are right and I've set it up properly?

    Any help would be awesome !!!
  2. KinsKicks

    KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    The set up is pretty neat!, but you will want to be worried about the sharp edges on the rocks; those can do some damage to Betta fins.

    And depending on what you feed him, imo, I'd remove the river rock on the bottom as they are large pieces and food can get caught in there. I.e; if you're feeding pellets, its fine, but something like flake or live/frozen can get lost in there if he doesnt nab them all quickly.

    (and im super jealous of your moss ball! Its gigantic!)

    Hope this helps and best of luck!

    Hello and welcome to the forum btw!

  3. Sen

    Sen Member Member

    Congratulations on your new betta tank!

    I agree about the rocks; your betta might injure himself on the edges.

    So far as cleaning up food goes, the main thing I can think of is just taken preventative measures: make sure you feed attentively. If you feed one piece of food (pellet, bloodworm, brine shrimp chunk, flake, etc.) at a time and wait for your betta to eat it before giving any more food, usually you can minimize any food that gets wasted (and bettas shouldn't eat too much anyway, so it's not a time-intensive process). Personally, I use the corner of a paper towel to pick up leftover food from the surface. I know other FishLore members use basters to suction out food that falls to the bottom of the tank.

    Not sure about cleaning up fish waste. I know both my bettas poop somewhere, but I've never figured it out. I just keep up with water changes. Live plants will also help keep nitrate levels down, and I've heard that some plants eat up ammonia first, but opinions differ.

    I personally would add at least one plant with leaf cover that would spread along the surface, since you've got a light over the tank and bettas sometimes feel exposed when they don't have overhead cover. I use betta bulbs (aponogetons), since they grow like crazy, are pretty cheap, and provide enough cover to keep my fish feeling secure.

    20170703_135801.jpg He likes to hide in the stems too, but I've never been able to get that on camera.

    I hope that helped! Best of luck with your new tank and betta buddy. :D