Question Does The Finnex Marine + 2 Is Good For 10 Gallon Nano Reef Tank.


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Hi there,

I have 10 Gallon nano reef tank with dimensions like so:
  • 20" x 10" x 12"
Which is running for about 4 months and I’ve just recently bought the
  • Neon Green Tree ( Nepthea )
And the guy from the LFS asked me what lighting fixtures I got on my reef tank, so told him that I got
Finnix Marine + 2 with 10000K and provide him dimensions of the tank.
He told me that he is not familiar with that type of led light and told me that 10000 Kelvin might be is not enough for corals.

So my questions is:

Does my Finnix with 10000K would provide a proper PAR and dKH?

Thanks in advance.

P.S I’ve provided the picture of the tank and finnix led below.


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I'm not a big fan of Finnex lights (I feel that they are best suited for FOWLR tanks), but then again I don't have a 10 gallon salty tank either. It could work simply because it's a smaller tank, but it is best for corals to have a full spectrum light. For smaller tanks on a budget the Chinese Black Box lights are probably best if you want a variety of coral (ie Mars Aqua 165watt fixture). They run between $90-$110 each. If you want a really nice fully customizable light then it's hard to beat the AI Prime HD for the money, but it's $200 plus the mount.
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