Does Steve Have Velvet?? Help Please!!


So for the past couple of days my betta has been acting strangely. Friday night (2 days ago) he was swimming around erratically. I did a 50% water change. I wasn't home most of the day yesterday, but when I got home he was laying in his grass, which isn't usual for him. He came out when he heard me open his little feeding door. But, he was acting like he couldn't see! He was looking for his food (bloodworms) but swimming right past it. He didn't get it until it had sank to the bottom and it took him a while to find it. He usually attacks his food as soon as I drop it in. He was swimming erratically again and bumping into decorations and corners and the glass. I turned off the filter and put an Indian almond leaf in his tank. He seemed to settle throughout the night swimming more normally and this morning he was acting more normal and seemed to be able to see. He ate normally when I dropped his worm in (attacked it like he usually does) If I shine my light on him I can see a good color around his head and gills that just doesn't look right. I have had him about 2 weeks and a few days ago his head seemed to be getting more blue and now it is lighter. I got a moss ball from petsmart when I purchased him that the girl pulled from one of their community tanks. I did not dip or sterilize before adding to his tank. (I am completely new to the hobby and I was totally ignorant about fish disease and how it's spread) Could this be the culprit? Here are some pictures, but if it is velvet, what is the best course of treatment? I have his tank blacked out now, and I have done some research, thinking I may go with copper-aid. Any advise you guys could give me would be very appreciated.


Clamped fins are a major sign of velvet, so is flashing which I believe is what you are describing. It is very hard to diagnose velvet from a picture. I used SeaChem cupramine and that was successful for treating a betta at the store I work at.

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