Does Petsmart Sell Any "rarer" Fish?


I heard there was going to be a new Petsmart opening up in my area. Since my only options within an reasonable distance were Petco and Wallyland, I was wondering if they sold any fish I can't buy from those places, like dwarf cichlids, non bn or common plecs, etc


My Petsmart sell Bichirs, Rams, Clown Plecos + Lemon Blue-Eyed Plecos(They think they are albino and I could get one for $4), and they have Altum Angels(In horrible condition being sold for $15).


My petsmart sells guppy endler hybrids (although they just call it fancy guppy), blue crayfish and.. that's all I guess.


If you want rare fish I would suggest buying from a well known online supplier like Wetspot on the west coast or Imperial Tropicals ( in Florida) on the east coast. These two vendors are known for excellent handling and care of their stock. Look at online reviews--- overwhelmingly positive.
Or, you can do a little research to find local/online breeders that specialize in a particular species that you are interested in. However, even with specialized breeders, you need to verify the health of the stock. If local, go look at the fish before buying and if online, request that they give you pictures of the fish you are buying.
Rare fish are often fish that are not easily bred in a tank environment, don't do well under fish farming techniques ( for good reason) or are hard to collect in wild.


PetSmart almost exclusively sells the basic "bread & butter" fish. They almost always get in the same fish and selection really doesn't vary by store.

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