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Discussion in 'Oscars' started by jenndawn, Jan 23, 2006.

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    My husband and I just bought an Oscar and named him Ozwald (akaOzzy), and he seems to have gotten through his distress of a new tank rather well, but he seems a bit slower and less active than he was in the store with the other Oscars. So, I was wondering if Oscars are "group" fish? Would he be different if I got him another Oscar pal from the same store/tank? Thanks... :p
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    Welcome to FishLore!  It's great to have you with us!  My experience has been that oscars do just fine by themselves.  As they get older, they get more aggressive.  I have 2 in a 100 gal. tank and they fight a lot.  Also, the size of your tank makes a difference in their behavior.  One oscar will need at least a 55 gal. tank to live in.  If they are put in a small tank, they will pout, and it will affect their health as they get bigger.  Glad you decided to join us, and we would appreciate some pictures of your new baby!   ;)
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    Gunnie is right. I have read similar information. While oscars are lovely fish-pets full of personalities, they are also very demanding. As Gunnie said, at least 50 gallons for one, and a 100 for two. That is because oscars have massive bodies -which means: they produce more wastes and their diet is high in protein (therefore more capable of contributing to ammonia increases), they're very strong and from what I hear they can break heaters and chew on filter tubes, move decor around, etc. They do get lonely however when they get no attention. If an oscar gets enough attention, then it should be quite happy. Unless you have at least a 100 g. tank, don't get another oscar. Plus, if one wants to buy 2 oscars, it's best to buy them together while they're still small. This way, by the time they grow up, they'll be used to each other. Another way to make an oscar happy is to get him a "toy" - something aquatic that he can move around and play with. He should be occupied with it. But since they're not stupid fish, they will still need attention from either a human being if they're alone, or from a companion oscar. And since oscars love to dig - if you don't have gravel in your tank, you can put there a handful or so of it, so the oscar can get occupied by digging in it.

    I love the name of your oscar!
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    My oscars name is Ozzy!!!Wierd!!
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    Mine took almost a month to get used to his new surroundings... give him time, he'll be fine.