Does My Platy Have Internal Parasites?

  1. k

    kspence New Member Member

    I have 5 platies (three female, two male) in a 10 gallon tank with live plants. It's been set up for about six months, and the water parameters are all fine. In the past few days, one of the female platies has developed a flat, almost concave stomach. She's acting normally though, eating and swimming just fine.
    I've read that the sunken stomach can be a sign of internal parasites, so I quarantined her to be safe.

    So does this sound like parasites, or something else? Should I try medication?
  2. Adam Alston

    Adam Alston New Member Member

    Since you quarantined her to be safe you could you could try to give her API melafix. But also pay attention to when she goes to the bathroom, if she is pooing white and a lot it could be internal parasites (which is a sign). If this starts having I would recommend treating her with API general care to try and fight off the parasites.
  3. Latias

    Latias New Member Member

    Could you post a picture? If her stomach is "sunken" she could also be pregnant. Platys, of course as you probably already know, are livebearers and she could be very pregnant instead of having parasites.