Does My Oto Have Ich?

  1. platies14 Initiate Member

    My oto looks like he has white spots? Is this ich? If so, how do I treat it? Here is the picture:
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  2. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Definitely ich, and bad. What meds do you have at hand? The typical Malachite Green can be rough on scaleless fish and wont touch the ich that is already attached to your fish.
    I would go with Metronidazole in their food. Very, very soft on the fish and once metronidazole is metabolized by the fish it will actually kill ich attached to the fish - it will also work if you just dump it in the water but food is much more effective. The dosage I use is 250 mg per 10 gal. I powder as much metronidazole I need, disolve it in a cup of water and soak it in bloodworms or something like that (my oto always eats his veggies but also goes for the corydoras food, I dont know if yours does the same). Feed that solution for 3 days and do a 50% water change between dosages. After the 3 days ich should be erradicated.
  3. platies14 Initiate Member

    Where can I buy metronidazole? Also, I've heard some things about aquarium salt? Does that work too?
  4. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    I dont treat ich with salt. Here in Mexico you can get metronidazole at your local pharmacy. Seachem also sells something called MetroPlex which is basically metronidazole.
    I have tried treating ich with salt in tanks with corydoras before and they did not die nor suffer as many think they would (scaleless fish have a reputation of being sensible to salt) but I ended up taking the salt out before treatment was done and replacing it with metronidazole lol. Salt should technically work but I havent completed any treatment with it so I cant really talk about that.
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  6. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    While metronidazole may work for ICK, the standard treatment has always been something with Malachite green, Victoria green, or basic green in it. (Different names for the same thing) Any ICK cure with have one of these names listed. Good luck to your otto.
  7. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    @AllieSten is right. I think each package of General Cure has 250mg of metronidazole which is the same dose I use with my "human metronidazole".
  8. scarface Well Known Member Member

    I cured an oto from ick using Kordon Rapid Cure. Sure it has malachite green, but it showed no signs the fish was bothered by it, even when I dosed the maximum 3 times a day. I did it for about 5-6 days straight, but the ick was not seen after 3 days or so, but continued a little longer just to be sure. It ate and behaved normally during the entire time, but mine did not look as badly as yours. Just read the instructions and do the appropriate water changes after a certain amount of dosage, etc. What beanfish mentioned may work just as well too, but just giving my personal experience with a different medication and my experience with malachite green. I would remove any snail or shrimp beforehand though.
  9. platies14 Initiate Member

    Ok thank you. I cannot get any medicine until tomorrow. Should I quarantine my Otto? I don't have a spare heater so he would be at room temp.
  10. scarface Well Known Member Member

    No. Treat in the main tank. If you decide to go with Rapid Cure or something similar (meaning something with Malachite Green), make sure to remove any shrimp or snails first. I see you have plants. They should be safe, as mine is heavily planted with no adverse affects. The green staining in the water column is only temporary, so don't worry about that. Whatever product you decide to buy, read the instructions and if you have any questions or confusion about it, come back here and I'm sure anyone will try to clear things out as soon as they can. Myself included.
  11. platies14 Initiate Member

    Okay. I have 2 shrimp, how long do keep them separate after the treatment?
  12. scarface Well Known Member Member

    For myself, I did a large water change (50% or more) and then added brand new carbon filter for 24hrs to absorb whatever trace meds are left. Afterwards, I removed it and discarded, then added my shrimp and snail back in. Good to go.
  13. platies14 Initiate Member

    Ok. Thanks for your help everyone!
  14. DoubleDutch Fishlore VIP Member

    Could you place another pic?