Does My New Betta Look Normal?

  1. Zofia♥ Member Member

    I got a new Betta for my sorority/community tank a few days ago and as with new fish I'm really paranoid there might be something wrong with her. She's a white Dumbo/Elephant ear female Betta.

    There are these red spots on her head, I'm not sure if it's part of her coloring or not. And she looks kind of chubby even though she's still pretty shy so doesn't come up when it's eating time.

    Take a look:
  2. Reeferxbetta Well Known Member Member

    Looks healthy to me, I see the red spots, but they're not clear enough in the picture for me to tell if they're anything to be concerned about or not. I have a male betta who has a weird spot by his mouth that made paranoid for a while, looks like an ick spot but black, but it's just his coloring.
  3. Zofia♥ Member Member

    Ok thanks! I'm mainly concerned because they're so obvious. There's nothing in the tank that could have hurt her or caused it so I'm going to see if maybe it's just her coloring.
  4. Briggs Well Known Member Member

    I don't think the spots are anything to be worried about so long as it's not a sore or wound. From the video she just looks she might be a Koi betta who's just starting to come into her coloring. Koi bettas almost always seem to have the marble gene, so don't be alarmed if her color changes dramatically on you. They do that. :D

    She doesn't seem particularly chubby to me, but I'm not super familiar with female bettas. They always look a little rounder around their middle when compared to males to me.
  5. Zofia♥ Member Member

    Oh that's interesting! I've never seen a Koi Dumbo so that'll be cool if it's the case!
  6. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    It's hard to tell with the compression of that video. As long as it's not an open wound on her head I think she's probably fine- really nice, actually. Look at her with a magnifying glass- if she's covered with scales on that red spot it's just coloration, and you've got a name for her- Spot.
  7. Zofia♥ Member Member

    I'll try that! I actually named her Crystal XD I plan on getting a Dalmation molly and name it spot, I already have one and her name is Dot, so Spot and Dot :p.