Does My Goldfish Need A Companion?


Right now in my 29 gallon I have one small oranda goldfish. Should I get him another goldfish friend or is it okay?


yep...goldfish are social animals and will do good with a "friend"


It will be okay, but you could fit another one. However, what many people don’t realize is that there is always the risk of incessant bullying, especially with just two goldfish.


I'm confused so would you recommend I get another one or should I avoid it due to the risk of bullying?


I don’t think having another is an absolute necessity is what I’m saying.

If you want another one, get it. If it turns out to be an incessant bully, then prepare to rehome, whether it’s to another tank or back to the fish store.

Have some autonomy and decide for yourself; don’t let others make it for you.


I'll grab another Oranda tomorrow and see how it goes. I really appreciate the advice!

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