Does my female guppy look boxed yet?

  1. LJC6780

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    I'm new to fish momming and got 3 female guppies today. I introduced them slowly and they have all done very well. After admiring them later I realized they were all pregnant (which I expected) and one seemed much bigger than the other two. I separated her into a breeder box with the divider removed to give her more room. I have looked at videos trying to figure out if she's ready or if I need to let her back into population for a few more days.

    I'm also new to the forum so I have to figure out how to add a photo!

  2. sunshine2012

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    Welcome to the forum!
    Usually you can tell when they are ready, they will try to stay away from the others to have their fry. To add a picture with your question or comment you just touch the + symbol and it should come up with a camera or photo icon right above the keyboard. You will get a lot of answers on here because people are great on here.
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    Thanks! I was on the mobile site at first and now have the app.