Does My Feeder Fish Need A Friend? What Causes Discoloration? 10 Gallon Tank

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    I am inquiring about my feeder fish, Frank. I am housing him in a 10gallon tank and while I know this is too small for him, I am unable to find anyone who will take him in and temperatures are dropping outside, ponds are beginning to freeze over and I don't think he would make it through the winter on his own. That said, he appears lonely... I am aware that the tank is already too small, but would It be wise to get him a friend? As opposed to his probable future as food, I think I have helped him out. He is constantly staring at his reflection... and it makes me sad to think he is lonely... any ideas? His face is also turning white... he is over two years old and I am wondering if it is just aging (as most websites suggest) or a bigger problem?
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    I agree, except fathead minnows and rosy red minnows are the same species.
    Goldfish, for example like having a friend but they cannot live in a 10 gallon. The others can live in a 10 gallon but do need a school. Can you post some pictures of your fish?
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    My fish is a goldfish. I am aware the tank is too small, but I cannot get a bigger tank (I am leaving for college soon and my parents will not be able to take care of him) and I have been unable to find anywhere to home him... Any ideas?


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    Well those guys get close to a foot in length, so a 10 gallon isn't good for them, but way better than a bowl.
    For now, the best you can do is read up on the nitrogen cycle, keep the tank cycled and prevent the fish from ammonia burns, nitrite poisoning, and nitrate poisoning.
    Where around are you located? If you're near me, I could take your fish and get him with some friends.
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    Sadly, I live near Cleveland Ohio... I want to rehome him but I cannot put him in a pond because they're all frozen over. I clean his tank frequently and have two nerite snails to help eat the algae. Do any of these things cause discoloration? Or is Frank just getting older? Thank you for the help.
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    Since your profile says you don't know about the nitrogen cycle, my bet is it has something to do with that.
    Fish tanks are closed systems, so anything that goes in stays in until you take it out.
    Fish waste breaks down into ammonia which can burn the gills, fins, and scales. Ammonia gets turned into nitrite which prevents hemoglobin in the blood from carrying oxygen. This gets turned into nitrate, which are less harmful but should be kept under 20-40ppm. For snails it should be 20 oe under, but goldfish tolerate more. Ammonia and nitrite are toxic above 0, and 0.25 is the max during the cycling process.
    Since the cycle can cause all kinds of burns and injuries, this can cause discoloration.
    If you're talking about an area that used to be black and is now a different color, goldfish go through a process called "demelanization" which means they lose black pigmentation as they grow.
    What part of your fish is the decolored part?
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    usually a lack of light will cause them to lose their color. the front half has lost color.

    it looks to be about 3" long in the picture. it will be fine in the 10G over the winter.
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    PLEASE! don't put him in a pond. You don't want an invasive species on your hands. Unless you mean artifical pond, that's different.