Does My Dwarf Gourami Have Ick? Something Else?

  1. poochiramos Initiate Member

    I just got my fish about a week ago, and all of a sudden today 2 of them are looking abnormal. My dwarf gourami has tiny black dots along his top fin, and one of his cheeks looks darker then the rest of his body. A day ago I saw the top fin start to peel, what looked like dark skin, with regular skin underneath. The dots started this afternoon, and I've seen the dwarf staying hidden in my Buddha statue. He still zips around the tank during feeding. I'm doing a water change the next morning to get things started.
    - Do you know if this is ick? the skin coming off puzzles me. IMG_1527.JPG IMG_1524.JPG
    - What medication should I use?
    - Should I isolate him? or treat the whole tank in case it has spread?

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  2. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Hi! Welcome to Fishlore! :)
    Can you provide some information so that we can help you better.
    Is your tank cycled?
    What are your water parameters? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrates?
    Size tank? What fish have in tank and numbers? Temperature?
  3. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Doesn't look like ich. Maybe fin rot? More information, please. And welcome!
  4. poochiramos Initiate Member

    My tank is cycled, its a 45 gal tall, with 2 angels, 1 dwarf gourami, 4 guppies, and 2 ballon mollies.
    temp is about 80 degrees F, it had no ammonia last time i checked, PH of 7.0, not sure about the last 2, but the LFS I was at said they were exactly were they needed to be for a tank that just went through a fishless nitrogen cycle.
  5. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I would suggest getting an API Master Water Testing Kit. It allows you to test for Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate which are all very harmful in excess to fish. The employees at many LFS use test-strips which are notoriously inaccurate- I wouldnt trust their results.. Here is a little information on the nitrogen cycle and explains the role of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates in this process:
    Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle
    I do not see any indications of Ich on your fish. The peeling is difficult to diagnose without more information- exact numbers from water tests of ammonia, nitrite, nitrates.
  6. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    I agree. The first thing I would do if I saw a fin like that is test my water. The API master kit is an indispensable tool IMO. It's like $20-25 bucks and lasts a very long time. If I couldn't get a reading for some reason, I'd do a 50% water change, just to be safe. That's where I would start.
  7. poochiramos Initiate Member

    After talking to my LFS, they tested my water and got a PH of 8, nitrates 30, nitrites 2, and ammonia 0. Just the week before my PH was at 7, and after talking to a worker there, she suspects I was feeding my fish too much, leading to the dramatic change in water quality. (My husband told me 2x a day every day) I'm currently doing an fungal treatment on the tank with 35% water changes every day. The gourami seems to be doing better after a day of treatment, as the black fins have started to gain their color back. Sorry for the late reply.
  8. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Hi! Those numbers seem familiar... did I just see a similar post about a sick angelfish? Hmmm. I think it may be the nitrites, actually. You want to keep them under 0.5ppm, they're quite toxic. Your tank is probably cycling. The nitrogen cycle? You may consider doing a couple aggressive water changes to get the nitrites down. A 50% change would cut it to 1ppm, another 50% change after that would get it to 0.5ppm. Then do the 35% changes daily until the tank is fully cycled. It would be helpful to have a API freshwater master test kit ($20-25). Lasts a very long time and you can test at will to see what your parameters are. Good luck!
  9. poochiramos Initiate Member

    Haha yes you did.. I figured I'd post two separate threads because I know some people are better with different kinds of fish. I will be getting the test kit soon, I don't want to drive 20 miles each time something happens. (Which seems to be often with the novice fishkeeper like me)