Does my dosage for seachem alkaline/acid buffer sound right?


Trying to figure out the dosage for these is a headache! I think I understand the calculation, but I'm nervous to just dump in that much without having someone double check.

Also: I'm not chasing a pH, or doing this completely ignorant, so please be willing to explain so I can learn!

Anyway, the reason I'm using these products is because my water out of the tap is:

pH 7.2
gH .40meq/L
kH .40meq/L
(If I'm understanding the calculation correctly for converting to meq/L, I get 1 drop for gH and 2 drops for kH)

Because my water is so soft, I sometimes get pH swings, and my snails have issues. I do have mostly Amazon fish, so I try not to raise my pH at all with this. My goal is to raise the kH.

My 50gal tank is currently:

pH 7.2
gH 2.0meq/L (5 drops)
kH .20meq/L (1 drop)

So, since I want the pH to remain stable, my train of thought was since the chart on the bottle says to do a ratio of 1:2 for a pH of 7, and 1:2.5 for a pH of 7.5, to do a ratio of 1:7.25

I realize this is for ro/di water, but my water is pretty close. I know in chemistry things need to be precise, but I'm bad at chemistry! That's why I'm here.

So to come up with some numbers, I followed that ratio, and the instructions on the back to use 6g of alkaline buffer per 20gal, then acid buffer accordingly. Realistically I probably have around 40gal of water in the tank, so I went with that.

So for alkaline buffer,
6g X 2 = 12g
12 X 2.25 = 27g total

And for acid buffer,
6g X 2 = 12g total

I feel like I'm making a mistake here though, because those numbers seem really high. These are the instructions on the back:




I havent used those products but I also have very soft water.

Have you tried using crushed coral or something along the natural route first of all?

This has been enough for me to stabilise my PH and stop it dropping out.
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And unless you keep distinctively hard water species it may not be necessary at all.
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Like Jo7984 I too run crushed coral in my tanks to stabilize my pH. It holds mine at a steady 7.2 Fish were doing well but that alone wasn't enough for my plants even with adding root tabs and Thrive all in one liquid ferts.

I found my tap water is lacking the minerals needed for plant health so I add Equilibrium with each water change. Instead of dealing with the tests that use liquid drops I test my water with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter. The TDS straight from the tap is 21. I add enough Equilibrium to get it up to about 100 in most of my tanks and 150 in my shrimp bowl.

This way of testing may not be the recommended way of doing it but it seems to be working for me. For me it is much easier just to dip the meter and instantly get a reading instead of trying to guess the numbers. Everything was so low in my tap water I thought my GH/GH testing solutions had gone bad since no matter how many drops I added I never got the colors I was supposed to see.
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